Friday, August 31, 2012

This One Time, At Cheer Camp

Okay, so this didn't actually happen at cheer camp....In High School, I was a cheerleader. Before you get all "Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom, Bah" on me, realize that our cheerleaders were tough.

And smart.

My coach didn't want us to play into the typical stereotypes so we weren't allowed to even touch our boyfriends while wearing our uniforms.

 If we were caught kissing them goodbye, we were benched for a game.

We ran laps and did stadiums like nobody's business and  had grade checks every two weeks

rather than the quarterly check required by the district's athletic program.

Moving on.

It was our custom to run to the other side of our stadium and give the visiting team's cheerleaders a goody bag filled with a granola bar, a water bottle and a few other things during halftime.

One night, we were playing another school in our district so the stands were packed, we were putting up a good fight, everyone was pumped and in a fantastic mood.

We ran to the other side of the stadium to bring their cheerleaders back to our side for their goody bags when all of a sudden wham!

I went down.

I actually thought my toes had kicked the back of my head.

I scrambled to get up, and act like nothing had happened but a few of my teammates were laughing hysterically as were people in the stands.

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  1. Oh this is SOOOOO good!!!! I have some pics that look eerily similar to yours. Same high school colors. Cheerleader, that was me. Too funny! Love this...

  2. Oh God, SO EMBARRASSING! Glad it's a good story now, though. Seems things usually work out that way.

  3. OHHH!!! !It's so nice to see the jackets from high school!!! Mine is in my closet at my moms house!!!!

    I wish I had been at that game! :) Ahhh... good times at KM! :)


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