Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Surviving Twins

Having twins is not that hard.

Before you crucify me, hear me out (read me out?)

Having twins is not difficult because I've never had only one child, I don't know what it's like to raise one child at a time.

And I have this guy

 I truly do not think I could do everything without him.

I'm spoiled, and I know it.

B starts work at 5am every morning which means he's off around 1pm. We live not too far away so he's home a good 3.5 hours before me.

I've mentioned before how clean he is. He has a fear of "falling behind" and not being able to hold our heads afloat. So while the Bambinos nap in the afternoon (they're still on a two-nap schedule) he cleans.

He starts dinner every single night. By the time I come home around 5:30 dinner is very nearly finished or it is finished. I try and do my part and wash the dinner dishes, clean up what I can, but he's very good at letting me spend time with the Bambinos when I get home too.

Let's not even get into what a handyman he is. We have a joke in my family that if I mention I want a fireplace he would build me one and have it finished before I come home from work.

I feel bad when women complain about how their husbands or boyfriends don't help around the house, don't ever cook or clean, barely watch their children, don't get any part of the honey-do list done, I just don't have that problem. And remember, he works 8 hours a day before coming home too.

He's the best Boyfriend, best Dad, best fix-it man, best provider, best everything the Bambinos' and I could ever ask for.

He makes raising twins so much easier.

And he's pretty cute too.


  1. Great picture and post. I am also grateful for my partner and helper...and also don't know what it would be like with just one. Thanks for the great perspective with this post. :)

  2. My hubby is the same way. With the twins, he mostly got up with them for the first 3 months because I was so bad post partum but with the new baby, we 'split' the night which is actually him taking her more than I do still. He is awesome and it is refreshing to see someone else have such a loving and hard working significant other.

  3. "I love the way you love me" could be the title of this post. Love you two. NOPE, you FOUR!!!

  4. hahaha I hadn't seen that picture of you two before! So cute. Love B's expression. :)

  5. Y'all are SUCH a cute couple!! And you are so lucky to have such a helpful and handy man around! My fiance is the SAME way and never lets himself rest. I seriously don't deserve him but I'll take it :) haha

  6. That's how I always felt. I had twins first, so I didn't know anything different. Now that we also have a singleton, I notice the differences. Us twin moms - we're rockstars ;)

  7. he sounds amazing!! good for him for doing so much for his family. you two are perfect together!

  8. Love the pictures and have to say AMEN! My husband is so helpful and involved with my kiddos. I feel terrible when other women complain. I just smile and nod because I'm really lucky.

  9. Aw sounds like you got yourself a great guy!


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