Monday, August 6, 2012

Pumping For Twins

I'm back from my vacation! Weren't the guest posts great? Thanks to everyone who posted (and read) while I was gone. Today, I'm writing about boobies again.

I've received a lot of questions about pumping for twins and going back to work. I have no idea if my advice is twins-specific or if it can apply to everyone, I guess take what you can out of it if you're a mom to a singleton?

We got a pump for free through our insurance, you should check and see if yours does the same. I didn't become serious about pumping until about a month before I went back to work. Mistake!
After an early morning feeding session
Although I made enough milk for two Bambinos when they got it from the source, every time I pumped, I only made enough for one bottle. I was only part-time at work so (luckily) the Bambinos were only bottle-fed twice a day.....that's still four bottles a day that I needed to pump.

I didn't feel like I had nearly enough milk stocked to be comfortable with them being bottle fed more than twice a day and only on weekdays. I couldn't even spare some for weekends.

When I went back to work, My schedule looked like this:
5:30am - Breastfeed
8:30am  - Breastfeed
11:30am  - Pump (This is the same time the Bambinos were feeding)
2:00pm  - Pump (Same time as a feeding)
5:00pm  - Breastfeed
8:00pm - Breastfeed
9:30pm  - Pump

This pretty much only gave me enough milk for the next day and the only reason I had some to freeze was because, on the weekends, I would still pump at night and also at 5:30am when the Bambinos started sleeping through that feed.  

The weekends saved me. The Bambinos were breastfed all day so any pumping I did was "spare." I never felt like I had enough backstock.  If I were to do it all again, I would start pumping and freezing from the very beginning.

When going back to work, my biggest tip would be to try and stay on your child's schedule. Your body gets used to needing to produce milk at a certain time and I definitely noticed a difference in supply when I messed with the schedule - pumping or breastfeeding
. I can't tell you how many times a 10:30am meeting ran long and my boobs were rock-hard as I rushed to the spare office I used to pump.

Now I have a question for singleton moms: how do you pump? I mean, I know how, but you can't pump while you're feeding on one side because the pump needs two boobs to suction. Would you pump early in the morning and late at night  so that you could freeze some?

I never had to worry about switching boobs and all that, so the logistics of feeding or pumping for one are completely foreign to me.


  1. If I'm at work, I pump every three hours. On the weekends, I pump to empty after feeds & I pump every night at 2 am when she's sleeping.

  2. You were a pumping Queen!!!! What else did you have time to do? lol. wow.

  3. Wow, I could not pump for one let alone two. I just couldn't get much out, it took forever and I got so impatient and stressed. Go you!!

  4. I'm a singleton full-time working mommy and I pump both sides every 3 hours at work and that has seemed to work for me. When I'm home, he nurses on both sides each feeding so my body has adjusted to give him what he needs. When he was first born, I would pump after his 9am feeding to start getting a supply at home before I returned to work and now I have about 2 weeks worth of bottles in the freezer. Way to pump for twins - sometimes I don't feel I make enough for one, let alone 2!

  5. I pump ever 3 hours at work. I read that your prolactin level (milk producing hormone) is highest between midnight and 3 am. My babies have ALWAYS wanted to nurse at some point during that time EVERY night- it is tiring, but helps maintain my supply! :-) I was able to nurse my daughter for 1 year, and am hoping to do the same with my son!


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