Monday, August 27, 2012

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Remember when I said if I could redo one room in my house, it would be my bedroom? Let me show you exactly what we have going on in there.

 Here's a better view, with the door closed.
Why someone would choose to paint their bedroom salmon is beyond me. The pink area is what B found when he ripped out the closet. His response? "It was the 70's."  Surely someone in the 70's had taste!
I wasn't kidding when I said that it looks like a frat boy lives there. Would you want a poster of Michael Jordan over your bed?
Hello Mr. Jordan, how unlovely to see you.
Let's not forget the other poster above B's dresser: a naked girl wearing nothing but Jordan's.

See? Frat boy. 

Except B was never in a frat so he has no excuse.

This is what you see when you look toward the 1/2 bathroom. I still won't pee with B in the room, I don't want him to hear me!

Want to take a peek in the bathroom? Remember, it was the 70's when this addition was built. The rest of the house is from the 40s.
It gets worse
Yes, that sign really hangs above my toilet.

And check out the hot counter

Let's leave the bathroom alone, shall we?

One more view of the entrance to our room from a different angle
In just this one picture, we've got three different types of materials on the wall: sheetrock, smooth salmon paint and textured white paint.  

Let's take a look at the finer details:
Rust colored shag carpet. I get to sink my toes into it every morning!

But it gets better! Under the shag, we've got a thin green pad thing and then linoleum!
The linoleum is so 70's baby.
We're pretty sure this covers the floor under the carpet.

And the icing on the cake
Popcorn ceiling! And there is no overhead lighting in the room. The one light we have come from the lamp on the borrowed dresser and I just bought that last week. Never mind that I've lived here almost 2 years.

If it were up to me, we would add some color to the walls. My cousin has kind of turquoise walls in her bedroom and I love them. We would DIY a tufted headboard and put a mirror above the borrowed dresser. I'd love some crown molding too, but none of those are absolutes. I don't have a specific vision for the room, but I've always wanted a room that is serene and a place where I want to spend time. Right now I jump out of bed as soon as possible and scurry out. I'd even be ok with leaving the bathroom as-is for awhile, at least I can close the curtain.

FYI when we borrowed the dresser, we'd just found out we were having twins and were at B's sister's to break the news to his family. I thought his sister was giving us the dresser so I agreed to take it with thoughts of immediately painting it dancing in my head. Apparently it's just on loan so I can't wait to give it back and get a different one that we can paint.

I'm sure you're wondering why we have such a hideous bedroom? The truth is, when I moved in, I was 6 months pregnant with twins. My main focus was getting their room ready and also making the parts of the house people actually see more company-friendly. B was busy with major projects like wiring the carport-turned-garage for electricity so he could move the washer and dryer into the garage rather than the middle of the house (not joking.) I didn't want to be the girl who moves in and makes all the changes, our relationship was already strained and I didn't want him to resent me.

Now, the Bambinos room is pretty much done and the rest of the house is getting there. I'm not completely embarrassed to have people over anymore, but I am completely embarrassed when I get to the master bedroom portion of the house tour.

I would love for Mandi (who I loved on Craft Wars) to come help me makeover our bedroom! Will you all vote for me and help me win? I'll be reminding you a ton before voting begins September 7th.

Pretty please?


  1. Oh, you poor girl! You DEFINITELY need a room makeover!!

  2. I will definitely vote for you....just because you put all this out there like that!!!! :) I love you....but tell B, Jordan called....he wants his 1992 poster back!!!! ;)

  3. Wait, what? I thought everyone wanted a poster of Michael Jordan above their bed?! He IS MJ after all ;) HAHAHAHA Although I prob really would put a picture of my obsession C.J. Wilson above my bed, but my husband would NEVER allow it ;) I really wouldn't but you know lol seriously hope you win this makeover. I will happily vote for you and do whatever it takes. This post cracked me up and I'm glad you could see the hilarity in the situation that I'm sure stresses you out. My house needs a TON of work, but I'm too embarrassed to put it out there. Crossing my fingers for you!

  4. LIN. Do you even know how bad I want to come and redo your room?!! The MJ picture is seriously the frosting on the cake!! Thanks so much for entering and good luck!!!

    Love your guts

  5. well I was around in the 70's...and even I am shaking my head in have my vote hun...xx

  6. I'm so glad I'm seeing this because I'm about to post pics on my blog of my absolutely hideous "master bedroom" (I use that term loosely) and I'm so embarrassed of it! So it makes me feel way better to see someone else having to live with something totally awful too!! I def feel for ya! I will vote for you for sure!! The sign over the toilet had me cracking up!! Sometimes I wonder how there are people in this world who have such horrific taste?!? Haha

  7. Btw how old are your twins? Sounds like they might be around the age of mine who are almost two. I love finding other mamas of twins! :)

  8. I am so not complaining about my family room now. Mandi, go forth and save this poor soul!

  9. Geesh that room just SCREAMS romance!...LOL!!! Hope those precious babies were not conceived in that room...If so it is TRUE LOVE...And you can tell B he is one darn loved man, or he would not getting any LOVING from most of the women I know...(wicked sense of humor LMBO)..Its true love...

  10. That green flowered countertop in your bathroom is so ugly it's almost cute. Just wait 20 more years and it will be in style.

    Good luck!

  11. Oh Linds, that linoleum hasn't even hit the 70's. That's original 40's, my dear. At least my kitchen is 50's! :o) You have my vote. Good luck! I hope you win!!!

  12. Hope you win. I voted for you. :)


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