Thursday, August 2, 2012

Guest Post: Defying Gravity

This next pretty little lady is Lyzz. We actually know each other in real life although she now lives on the other side of the country. I can't stop saying enough nice things about her so I'll just let her get to her post. Take notes 'cause it's such good advice!


Hey friends of Lindsay!!
My name is Lyzz and I blog over at Defying Gravity.
I’ve had the opportunity to travel a decent amount depsite not having a job, and living the life of a Military Spouse.  Over the years, I’ve flown back and forth from Seattle and Anchorage a few times.  From the Southeast Coast to Utah.  I’ve flown from Seattle to Tokyo for the military, and as a child flew from Seattle to Florida for a Disney Cruise with my grandparents when I was 10.  I’ve also flown from Boise to Mexico.

I am dying to fly to Europe (but not because it takes so long), and Hawaii, or anywhere tropical really.

I am the type of person who has to write down a packing list.  Total control freak.

I want to start packing like 2 weeks in advance because I love to travel.

I am the girl who arrives 2 hours early no matter how big or small the airport is.

I triple check my wallet, flight status, boarding passes and carry on items.  I get a little anxious about flying if you can’t tell.

The past few years I have had HORRIBLE luck flying.  The flights get cancelled, or they lose my luggage, or my seat gets moved.  I can’t think of one trip in the last 3 years that haven’t gone without one hiccup.

I always check in online.  That way if you’re running late, they know you’ve checked in so they try to wait for you, or rush you through if possible.

Use curb check.

Mommies, use curb check!  It is designed just for you and your millions of luggage items, plus they have workers there to assist!

Think ahead with your flying outfit.
Even though I want to look good when I arrive at my destination, I always dress comfy, unless it’s winter then you have to dress crazy.

Wearing slip on shoes or flip flops, if you can, is wise.

Minimizing your carry on items is also wise.  Fumbling through laptops and ipods and books is a hassle.  Get by with what you can.

Making sure you follow directions is highly advised.

Nothing makes standing in the TSA line worse than the people in front of you waiting till the absolute last minute to pull out their ID card, laptop, take off their shoes and/or belt.
Always think ahead if you can.

I know with children it’s hard because your hands are pre-occupied.  But for you single travelers, give your fellow grumpy passengers a break and think ahead.

I am excited to be going “home” in August.

It’s been two years since I’ve seen my family in Utah.  I get to eat La Frontera, see the mountains, play with my nieces, watch my mom sky dive in honor of her father’s birthday, lecture my baby brothers on their life choices and have a drink with my dad.  Something I’ve never done before!
Always remember flying isn’t 100% reliable.

Leave room for mistakes by the airlines.

Try not to flip out (I have to remind myself of this).
Prepare for the worse.

Pack extra clothes in your carry-on just in case.

Don’t try to go through security with your liquids being over 3.4 ozs.

Carry some cash just in case of emergency.

To avoid stomach cramps and bloating, drink water or ginger ale while on the plane, even though who can say No, to a Diet Coke?

Make sure you stretch out your legs to help keep down the swelling.

And most of all ENJOY YOURSELF!  You’re on vacation!!


  1. Great tips. I have one more to add...if you're a gold or diamond frequent flyer, don't keep broadcasting that to everyone. Announcing it loudly at every checkpoint won't get you any favors. You'll only annoy the staff and other travelers.

    Some friends and I took a trip a couple years ago with their mom. While I appreciated the special perks of mom being a frequent flyer, it got a little embarrassing after a while how she HAD to tell every staff member that she was a diamond member and therefore we should be able to skip lines, get upgrades, etc.

  2. So funny to read this, cause I'm the total opposite. I rush to the airport at the last minute, pack the morning before my flight, barely remember to check in online, etc. I'm late everywhere I go. I wish I were more like Lyzz, though!

  3. <3 thanks for letting me guest post.


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