Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Post: Bicoastally

Hello, dear Undomestic Chica readers!  I'm Claire from Bicoastally, and I'm happy to be posting for my dear friend Lindsay while she revels in vacation bliss.  I'm excited that next month, I'll be doing exactly what she's doing (going out of town to visit family), but today I'm going to talk about my best vacation . . . EVER.

It's no secret that I love all things Mexico.  If I could swing it, I'd totally move down there and live somewhere by the beach and drink frozen cocktails all day.  Last summer, I was lucky enough to accompany my dear friends (whom I babysit for) to one of the swankiest resorts in Cabo San Lucas, and we had the time of our lives!

the view from our balcony

my morning array of bevvies: frozen strawberry daquiri handmade by our butler (you heard that right), coffee, and a Corona (obvs)

Our sweet villa came accompanied with Victor, our darling butler, who made us fresh guacamole and roasted tomato salsa every day.  Let's just say it was extremely hard to come back to reality after that one . . . 

me, my friend Cari, and her boys in one of the three infinity pools overlooking the ocean

the private plunge pool on our back deck

Not to mention the world class spa and fitness center, the waiters roaming around offering fresh juices and shots of tequila, and the hot cabana boys who made our time at the adult pool a little more fun. ;)

I'd love to hear about your favorite vacation ever!  And Lindsay, I hope you have me back: next time I'll talk about my crazy trip to China. :)


  1. I should have mentioned that we stayed at Capella Pedragal in Cabo San Lucas--not sure how I left that out, ha!

  2. Mmmm....that first pic!?! DEEEE-lish. I forgot Linds was going on vacay...I totally owed her something. And I suck. have a blast baby cakes.

  3. Ah I remember when you went! I am still jealous! Such a gorgeous resort :)

  4. When I saw on your blog that you were going to talk about your best vacation ever, i KNEW it was going to be Cabo San Lucas. I can't get over how amazing it must have been to be in such a paradise. I remember seeing photos and how i couldn't get over the beauty of it all. Next time, can you ask JJ to take me along as well? ;)

    one of my favorite vacations was one that involved you of course :) napa valley with my best girls, hands down.

    ps. your morning drinks? awesome!!!

    oh and YES! you MUST share your crazy time in China ;)

  5. When I started to read this, I knew exactly where you would be describing. I need to go to this place, if I am can ever afford it one day.


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