Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Girl Crush: Tori Spelling

Is anyone else in love with Tori Spelling? I watched (the original) 90210 and didn't care strongly about any of the characters but my love for her has grown over the years.

In college, it took me almost a whole So NoTORIous marathon to clean my room. I liked her then, but didn't love her.
I've read all of her books, most recently CelebraTORI, and I watch all the different versions of her shows: Tori & Dean So Inn Love, Home Sweet Hollywood,  sTORIbook Weddings, etc. I've even gotten hooked on Craft Wars.
The funny thing is, I don't even know why I love her so much. Maybe it's because she seems humble and approachable, despite being part of Hollywood Royalty. Maybe it's because she's what I aspire to be: a busy mom juggling self employment, family and DIY projects. It's my dream to throw parties for any and all reasons like she does, I love her taste and attention to detail. Most of all, I would love to attend one of her parties one day.

Side note: I was going to throw B a party next month to celebrate his 35th birthday, which was in January but got overshadowed by the Bambinos' first birthday. I ended up having to tell him about it. Surprise ruined.

Do you have any unexplainable celebrity crushes? How do you feel about Tori Spelling?


  1. Tori, huh? Not one of my favs. But I have not really soaked her up like you have. :) I don't think I really have a celeb crush. Maybe if I thought about it for a while...but Idk.

  2. I'm not necessarily in love with Tori Spelling, but I AM in love with E and E and your new header! It's perfect and they are to die for. I'm glad you put new pics of them on your blog, because they seriously get cuter every day. Also: how did you make that header? You have such impressive skills! I can't do anything to my blog on my own :(

  3. I'll make one for you! I'll email you right now.

  4. Your blog makeover looks really cute!! I love the header.

  5. That's so funny - I feel the exact same way about Tori! I love her! And not really sure why.. during my pregnancy I became obsessed with "Inn love" and it all kind of took off from there.. ;) I found your blog after blogging about this phenomenon on my own blog. Check it out!


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