Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chickens & Horses & Trampolines

How is it Thursday and The Bambinos and I were out of town all last week visiting family. It was the perfect vacation where we just hung out and relaxed rather than being on-the-go all the time like we are at home.  

1. When I was little and I'd see that bridge, I knew we were almost there. 2. Checkin' out the scenery in his pajamas. 3. Stacking rocks 4.Such a serious face 5. checking out the chickens 6. He'd take off toward the chickens all day long. 7. Navigating the path to Great-Grandma's 8. I love that they found a box to play with, my cousins and I used to to the exact same thing. My grandpa would pull us around the kitchen in cardboard boxes and we thought it was so fun.

1. Who is this big boy?! 2. Baby bellies at the water park 3.With cousin Jared at the water park.  
4.Accidental Bieber hair - and look at those baby blues! 5.The chickens again 6. & 7.Those faces!  
8. My grandma was thrilled when Bug wanted her to hold him. 9.Just hangin' out. One of my favorite pics of the trip.
1. Checking out the horses this time. 2. Those curls are out of control. And he's got such an expressive little face. 3. Checking out the chickens for the last time 4. "Jumping" on the trampoline
5. Going to Great-Grandma's for the last time this trip. 6. We were there almost the same exact week as last year so we got another picture in front of this statue, it'll be fun to compare.

I'm so grateful that my aunt and uncle let us stay as long as we did.

We had a fun time of visiting family, hanging out, making s'mores in the fire pit, trying to convince my other aunt and uncle to buy a house, watching the Olympics and the Bambinos loved their two older cousins.

 I'm so fortunate that my kids will build lasting memories in Eastern Washington the same way that I did.


  1. I'm so glad you had fun! The pictures are great!

  2. Fabulous post!!! I can't believe how long the boys hair is!!!! They are sooooo cute.

  3. My favorite posts of yours are ones like this: filled with pics of the boys. You are right--THOSE FACES! They are too much.


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