Monday, July 9, 2012

Mama Says: Surprises

Some really surprising things happened when I became a mom. Some of them I was prepared for, some of them I wasn't.

The biggest surprise was my relationship with my dad. I've always had a really tumultuous relationship with my dad and we've butt heads a lot. Surprisingly, once the Bambinos were born, our relationship started to get better. I think he finally sees me as an adult who doesn't need told what to do. He's one of the few people that has stood back and let me learn how to be a parent, and for that I'm so grateful.
Nice 'stache, Dad!

I do things I told myself I'd never do. I read a ton of books on parenting twins before they were born. They kept stressing the importance of not ever leaving the children alone, even if you're  putting one in the car when they're babies. Things can happen and it's unsafe to leave them alone at any age, for any reason. It scared the be-jeezus out of me. While we were still using the infant car seats, I'd carry both boys into the garage, but then I leave one there while I snap the other one into my car. I figure I can still keep an eye on the one in the garage, but he's not just sitting in the driveway where someone could easily walk up and take him (overactive imagination!)

Now?  I have to put on in the car and leave one in the house. My only other option is setting one in his seat but not buckling him in yet, then buckling the other one in and then going back to the first one and buckling him in. That seems like too much work. When I get one out, I stand him between the car and my legs and kind of block him from going anywhere, if we're not using the stroller. Most of the time we do.

I'm not as much of a germ freak as I thought I'd be. I thought I'd be cleaning, washing, sterilizing constantly. We don't have a dishwasher (the horror!) so I wash the bottles and Bambino's dishes by hand. I have a special bottle brush and scrubber just for their stuff, but  I've very rarely used my sterilizer. I thought I'd use it each time I wash a set of bottles/dishes, but I didn't. I feel like I do a good enough job using super hot water and soap and they have to be exposed to just a little bit to build up their immune systems. And you know what? They've only had a tiny cold. Once.

I haven't lost all my friends. Most of my girl friends don't have kids and you always her about how non mommy friends just don't "get it." Mine may not understand completely, but we're all so busy with our own lives that even before I had kids we didn't see each other as much as we would like. So far, they've been completely understanding of me needing to work around the Bambino's schedule or me wanting to check with Boyfriend to make sure we don't have plans before I can solidify my plans with them.

True story, last week I called my oldest friend and left this message, "So I'm the worst friend ever. I told you I'd call you back on your birthday and I'm calling you three months later. Call me whenever you have time, I'd love to catch up, but understand if you make me wait three months. Bye." He called back right away.

Maybe I just have kickass friends.


  1. It is easy to say never and also to give advice before you are a mom. Everything in life changes so quickly once they come in your world, huh?
    That is awesome that you have understanding friends! such a blessing.

  2. Love this post!! I too am constantly amazed at how much motherhood has changed me and yet everything else is pretty much the same!!!

  3. It's hard to maintain all your friendships even when you don't have kids--I'm so incredibly busy that I catch myself thinking "OMG, I haven't talked to so-and-so in forever." You're a lovely mama AND friend and for that you should be proud. :)

  4. You are so stinking adorable in that pic with your daddy!!!!


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