Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Magic Mike

This is exactly how I felt after my sister and I went to see Magic Mike on Sunday. I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would, but, just like I expected, my favorite thing about the movie was Channing Tatum dancing with his clothes on. 

As odd as it sounds, when he came out in the sweats and wife beater, I'd never thought he was hotter. And of course, I loved his last dance too.  I have  thing for guys with low hats. 

The movie was much funnier than I expected, but the best part was still Channing Tatum dancing.

In other news, my babies are 18 months old today, how did that happen!


  1. I still haven't seen it yet because I'm debating if matinee prices are worth drooling over his dancing. I love Channing, but I don't expect much of a story line.

    Happy half birthday to the boys! :)

  2. Story line sucked, but then again, that's not why I went to see the movie. :) I love me some Channing.

  3. One of my friends posted on facebook a picture of all 4 guys, and said something like - Who cares what the story is about? haha!

    Your boys are adorable!

  4. It was a naughty guilty pleasure. I enjoyed it purely for the awesomeness that IS Channing. He dances (and looks) phenomenal!!

  5. Happy 18 mos E&E!!!!!

    The first few chords of Pony and Channing Tatum with his head down in that outfit at the back of the stage was SO HOT. Goodness gracious alive. And I didn't even think he was that hot before I saw the movie!! I already want to see it again, and I'm not normally a movie person.

  6. LOL alright girl I guess you are convincing me to go see that movie!!! :) As if I needed convincing...

  7. Pretty sure I need to go see that movie. But I can't go alone...so I will probably NEVER see it. The story of my life....lol. Maybe Claire can fly down and go see it again, with me! ;) Or you????

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