Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I've Got Wedding Fever

After spending the weekend in Eastern Washington at our family reunion, I rushed back so I could attend Weddings on the Waterfront Sunday evening. In it's first year, Weddings on the Waterfront is the most amazing, and coolest wedding event ever.
Seattle's lucky to have some amazing venues along our waterfront. We have some famous hotels (the Edgewater which I blogged about before), a cruise line, a new ferris wheel, and some other really cool places for people to get married. What makes W.O.W. different is each venue is set up like a reception area (and some of them like a ceremony site) so you can see the opportunities for your wedding at each venue. And then the different vendors who contributed to the space are set up along the perimeter. 

We started out at this place called Bell Harbor. It's where the Cruise Line operates out of, and where my radio station threw our NYE party the first year B and I were together. The room was set up with a cute Nautical theme and my sister and I started out tasting cupcakes, and getting our lip prints read.

Yes, I said we got our lip prints read. I can tell you more later if anyone's interested.

Our morning show host, Brooke, ended up walking around with us which was nice because she's actually getting married. It was kind of awkward when people asked which one of us was getting married and, because I'm a horrible liar, I'd give this this big spiel about being the radio sponsor and wanting to check out the event.

All the venues were fabulous and some of them had some really cool vendors (salted caramel cheesecake with a Jack Daniels caramel sauce liquid nitrogen ice cream) but by far, my favorite venue was this one, the one I kept instagraming.

 My pictures will never do it justice. The wedding planner (if you're near Seattle check out New Creations Weddings) specializes in Filipino, Hawaiian, Samoan, etc. inspired weddings but does Western weddings too - so I was in love with her design. Plumerias are my favorite flower, I'm determined to either get married in Hawaii or have them at my wedding here. Rebecca, the designer, is a girl after my own heart.

The room she chose is beautiful itself. It has sweeping views of the Sound and a subtle map on the ceiling (it's in our World Trade Center) so she played off that with the dramatic paper crane garlands hanging from above the Sweetheart's Table.

I don't think I ever mentioned I wanted to make a paper crane mobile for the Bambinos', but ran out of time.

There were very subtle, Asian influences around the room and I love that it wasn't a typical, kitschy, clichè Asian-decorated wedding.
The other venues eventually shut down and then we proceeded to a party at the Aquarium where the woman who organized W.O.W. decorated the venue for a reception. Her room was really cool too. It was Hawaiian-ish themed, but it didn't scream Hawaii in any way. But the best part was, there were aerialists hanging from a martini glass suspended from the ceiling pouring champagne into people's glasses. It was cool.

I know what two people I would like to plan my wedding someday.

W.O.W. is such an amazing idea concept wise, and I've never attended a bridal show before but I really think Weddings on the Waterfront takes the cake. Or takes the cakepop.


  1. seriously WOW!!! That first pic had me like, HELLLOOOO!!!!! And of course I so wanna know more about lip print readings. :)

  2. How cool! My wedding was almost 12 years ago. It was awesome, but there are so many new great ideas!


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