Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guest Post: Two Men and a Mommy

Hi Everyone! Do you miss me yet? You've been in good hands this week. This next blogger is Lindsay (cool spelling!) and she blogs over at Two Men and a Mommy. She's telling you all about someplace I've always wanted to go: New Mexico!


Before 2010 if you would have asked me whether I'd rather live on the beach or in the mountains I would have always said on the beach. I love being in the water and the sounds of the waves coming in is so calming. 

But in September 2010 we went to Red River New Mexico with my brother and sister-in-law and it was one of the best weeks of my life. I was born in Colorado so you would think that I would have been to the mountains before but we moved shortly after I was born so I had never been.

We live in Houston and it is about a sixteen hour drive away and we did it in one shot. The one thing I loved about the trip is that we took our time. We stopped at a little restaurant that had an old car museum that my brother and husband loved. We enjoyed the scenery while driving and had started the vacation as soon as we left our drive way. One of the best things during the car ride was when we got to New Mexico on the side of the road were bison. Just out in the open with no fence or anything protecting us from them. I was amazed that animals that big just roamed around. We got out of the truck and took pictures and watched them.

The best thing about Red River is access to the mountains. You are literally surrounded by them. We rented a jeep one day and took a two-hour ride to a place called Goose Lake. You drive up a dirt road through the mountains and eventually hit a lake that sits almost at the top. The drive was so much fun and a little scary because of the cliffs. I am normal terrified of heights but this didn't scare me. I don't know what it was but I felt like in the mountains I was just at peace. I wasn't worried about the cliffs or any stress that might have been brought from home. I was just enjoying the moment.

Not only did the hubby and I enjoy it but so did Ryan. They had a playground in the city that we went to once a day and there was a stream right behind our cabin that we spent a lot of time at. The stream had a lot of ducks and deer that would walk down it and that was awesome. We got into the habit of feeding the ducks every morning usually still in our pajamas. One morning the deer came up to us and even let Ryan feed it. That isn't something that you would ever be able to do in Houston.

While there Ryan also rode his first horse (with my husband of course). We took an hour ride down a trail with a guide. He loved it but it was then that I realized I am not a horse riding person lol. It scared me to death to be on that huge creature with no control. I did it but the whole time I was praying that it wouldn't go running off while I was on the back of it.

We also went to a fish farm where we were able to feed fish which was fun. Ryan loved it because as soon as your threw the food in literally hundreds of fish would come up and eat.

What I loved about the town is that you could walk everywhere. One day we left Ryan with my brother and Joe and I just went and walked the town and did some shopping. I loved that we could literally walk out of our hotel, go down the road, and walk the city and not have to drive anywhere. We got some things for the house and parents. I also bought a pair of pajama pants there that are now my favorite to wear at night.

We stayed at Red River for a little over a week and I was so sad when we left. We loved it so much my hubby and I have even talked about after retirement we might move there. We are trying to go back this year but with his traveling schedule it has been hard to make any plans. But I do know one thing. If you ask me know whether I'd rather live on the beach or the mountains it would be the mountains. Right in Red River, New Mexico.

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  1. What a magical place to visit: mountains, lakes, trails, etc. I've driven through New Mexico, but have never been to Red River. Will have to put it on the list!


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