Thursday, July 26, 2012

Graduation Party Time!

Almost a MONTH ago, I threw my sweet baby sister a graduation party. She graduated from Boyfriend's Alma Mater so he said, "Sweet, I can hang up all my Coug stuff."


I stuck with the school colors, crimson and grey, but was not about to have logoed stuff all over my house, especially since I'm not even a Coug fan.
Those napkins were the perfect find at the party store

 My original theme was comfort food and I had grand ideas of home made pulled pork, macaroni and cheese bites, mini pies, and everything else that might be considered comfort food, but I didn't anticipate how much time it would actually take.

So I reduced my grand plans.

The menu consisted of all my sister's favorite foods: macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, Nilla Wafers, no-bake cookies and some other foods thrown in: watermelon salad, mini apple pies, hamburgers, and the best chicken ever.


This chicken is amazing, and I think B has made it three times since then.

At my request, of course!

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