Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Save the Girls: Double Shots

I designed a bra last week.

  I instagrammed these pics (Undomestic_Mama - come find me!)
Meet "Double Shots"
 I used an iron on transfer for the picture of Seattle and then hot glued coffee beans onto it. I figured that since Seattle is the Starbucks HQ, it's only fitting my bra have coffee beans.
both pics via
 The bra is for Save the Girls Designer Bra Fashion Show. It's an annual show where designers, celebrities, etc. design bras and all the proceeds from the show benefit Susan G. Komen. I'm certainly no celebrity, but two of our radio jocks design one every year and so does someone from promotions. This year, my boss made me do it.

I had no inspiration until two days before the bra was due to the show organizer so this is how I spent my Wednesday morning at work.

I just realized how boob-centric my blog has become lately.

Tell me, if you were to design a bra, what would it look like?


  1. so cute and creative!! i love all the boob talk these days :)

  2. That is a pretty awesome design... I like how you put the two together! She must have smelled good too. LOL

  3. I LOVE IT!!! clever idea for sure. My design would have had a lot of glitter. :)

    LOL @ the "she must have smelled good too."

    you can never have enough of the boob talk! please tell me my boobs will go back to normal after this pregnancy? even if they get back to their small size i don't mind-- i hate having darker nipples lol (see? no such thing as too much boob talk!)

  4. BOOB CENTRIC! That is hilarious. :) I think yours is the best! I was wondering why you were making that bra, lol!

    Ha, cracks me up how Micaela is obsessed with her dark nipples. She showed them to me--they are NOT BAD. haha.

    Now I kinda want to design a bra!

  5. Omg this is hilarious. I love the idea!! So so smart! I have no idea what I would put on a bra I designed!

  6. i love the bra you designed, it is seriously so cute! the iron on transfer is a great idea :) i think i might design a bra as a joke for me boyfriend with photos of him on each boob, lol!

  7. I LOVE the DOUBLE SHOTS design!!! You are creative, ah-mazing and so much more. I truly adore you...


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