Monday, June 25, 2012

Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

Let's talk boobs again.

Holy hell, I wish I had my pregnancy/breastfeeding boobs still. As someone who decided she will one day get implants at the age of 18, I loved having bigger, fuller boobs. I wasn't prepared for the fact that they got even bigger when my milk came in.
I think at this point I was bigger than DD

I wasn't prepared for the fact that they would shrivel up and die the very moment I quit breast feeding.

I also wasn't prepared for how much they would hurt once the Bambinos started sleeping a little longer at night or if I was late for a pumping session at work.

I'm talking, hard as rocks. I remember trying to sleep on my stomach but being woke up because the nice double pillows underneath me felt like solid mounds of steel. Talking to other mommies, I realize I'm either just one tough cookie or really lucky because mine only hurt if they were engorged; some people hurt even if they're not engorged, especially when their milk first comes in.

I also leaked in the shower for the first few weeks. If that's not sexy, I don't know what is. 

Your nipples get dark so that they're like a target for the baby/babies who will need to find them to eat. It's kind of a cool, evolutionary idea. They will, eventually, return to their normal color. I'd forgotten they'd even changed until Micaela brought it up, so I had to check to make sure they were back to normal. They are.

I also wasn't prepared for how long it takes for the linea negra to go away. You know...that dark, pointless line from your belly button down to your pubic bone. I think mine just recently went away, and my Bambinos are over a year old!

And the hair loss....oh the hair loss. I didn't lose clumps and clumps of hair like my hairdresser said I might (she had a client who lost handfuls right near her hairline and had bald spots.) But, I have what seems like millions of baby hairs from the amount of hair I lost after no longer being pregnant. I've actually considered cutting my hair shorter because of this. Otherwise, it will literally take years for my baby hairs to grow as long as the rest of my hair.

Have I scared you sufficiently? No? How about the fact that you might bleed for up to 6 weeks afterwards. No matter if you have a c-section or vaginal birth, you might bleed anywhere from 2 weeks to 6. I had a c-section, I was one of the lucky people who bled for about 6 weeks. But the awesome mesh panties and gigantic maxi pads they give you make the whole experience worth it. Not.

I also wish I had realized how long I would wear my maternity jeans. I pretty much only started wearing regular jeans because I went back to work. Even then, I bought a pair of jeans that fit so I could wear cute jeans to work.  My maternity jeans were still so much comfier and I was afraid of touching my incision site that I relied on the pregnancy pants as long as I could.

While we're talking incision sites, mine is still tender if I push on it. Why would I push on it you ask? To see if it's still tender, of course. Once it's healed, you should massage it to keep scar tissue from building up. I learned that from one of my exes who went to massage school. I massage all my wounds so the scars aren't too bad. 

Ok, so this post wasn't really anything good or bad, it was just ugly but if I had made that  the title, you wouldn't have read, would you?


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so nervous about the whole boob thing. I mean they are kind of my identity. I don't want them to get all crazy looking!

  2. Cracking up about "okay so this post wasn't good or bad, it was just ugly." I love hearing all the real-deal talk like this, though, rather than "I'm glowing!" and "I feel amazing!" I feel like my friends had vastly different experiences--some were miserable and nauseous, some felt great, etc. It's wild how your nipples get dark so the baby can find them, and they get big and long (kinda gross and kinda awesome). That's the part that scares me most about pregnancy, cause my boobs are already big & I don't want them ANY BIGGER EVER!

  3. are HILARIOUS!!! And I agree on all points. Whew....but we sure do get awesome wee leetle ones from all that UGLY. :) I never got the dark line though...weird. My feet did grow a size though. Weird. Weird shit, I say.

  4. Nobody warns you about the after part of having a baby! Nobody. Funny thing-I was barely an A cup before I had Dylan. After I had him, I was a B. After Lexie, it was all over. I moved up to a C cup and I've been there ever since!

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  6. i am glad i have you-- that i feel like i can ask you anything without being embarrassed and you'll give it to me real (like the nipples-- i never thought of it as for the baby to find you. it kind of makes me feel better about having these dark circles on my chest!) THANK-YOU for making me feel better though and letting me know that they do in fact go back to their regular or slightly lighter color. YES!

    and that line? my husband calls me winnie the pooh ha seriously, what is the point!?!?!?!


  7. Omg, I slept through my alarm to pump one of the first nights hurt so bad!

  8. I liked your blog and I posted similar to yours....

    early signs of pregnancy

  9. I referenced your boobs briefly in my post today:


  10. thanks for sharing.


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