Friday, June 15, 2012

The One Where I Mention Breast and Nipple Too Many Times

I'm not sure if I ever shared it here, but both Bambinos were born tongue tied. Peanut's was worse than Bug's where he the very tip of his tongue was tied so he wasn't able to lift the tip of his tongue at all. The tip of Bug's tongue was free, but the piece of skin under his tongue was very very short so he couldn't do much with it.
It's really really hard to tell, but you can't see the tip of Bug's tongue, he could barely lift it.
Being tongue tied made breastfeeding very difficult. Neither Bambino could pull my nipple  far enough into their mouth to get anything out of it. Enter nipple shields
These are the Medela ones that I used.
.....these are the niftiest things ever.

The lactation consultant gave me some in the hospital as without them, my Bambinos would not have been able to breastfeed and I KNEW I wanted to breastfeed them. I partially credit the nipple shields for breastfeeding the Bambinos as long as I did (9 months exclusively and would have kept going had it not been for medical reasons.)

I never dealt with dry, cracked nipples, if the Bambinos tried to bite down, the nipple shield helped protect me from their gummy bites - luckily they were late bloomers in the teeth department too. I always hear horror stories about how difficult breastfeeding is and how some breastfed babies wouldn't take bottles because artificial nipples were too different. My kids always had artificial nipples in a way so I never had to deal with any of those issues.
Why yes, I did nurse in the backseat of the car...too many times.
We got their tongues clipped when they were two weeks old and could have tried breastfeeding without the shields, but I felt like we had a pretty good routine down, and it was easier not to mess with it.

I won't tell you about the time I forgot one of the nipple shields at home.


  1. This type of stuff scares me so much! I go back and forth about whether or not I am ready to be a mom and breastfeeding is something that I have massive anxiety over, but hope that I can do it.

  2. I didn't realize that "tongue tied" was actually a thing! Huh. Breastfeeding is crazy/awesome/impressive, and so talked-about these days!

  3. I'm with Claire. I had no idea! The more I learn about motherhood the more it scares me!! :)

  4. I tried the shield last week and she wasn't able to get any milk. :(


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