Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Letters: Teething, Spray Tanning & Bed Hogging

Dear Bambinos,
I feel awful for you. Lovebug is getting all four of the first molars, a third bottom tooth and one top front tooth. Peanut is getting three of the molars and both of the top front teeth. Lovebug is not a happy camper at all and randonly cries which is so unlike either of you. He refuses to eat so we gave you strawberry popsicles last night after dinner. I wish I could upload the pics we took because they are adorable.

I hate when you freeze halfway through the upload to my share site. Don't you know that's how I access my photos for blogging during lunch?! I'm glad you don't freeze all the time.

Dear Boyfriend,
You hogged the bed last night. I love you but you can't tease me about hogging the bed when you do the same.

Dear Seattle Suntan,
I love you. I feel so much better with a spray tan. But why do my legs not develop a wonderful, bronze, glow like the rest of my body?!
I look darker in real life

Dear New Readers (and all the OG's!)
Thanks for thinking this blog's worth reading every once in awhile! Don't be shy and feel free to comment, I love connecting with people.

What do you have planned for this weekend? Did you write your own Friday's letters?


  1. Love the letters miss!
    Just wanted to say hi!

    Have a happy weekend!


  2. ummmm please share what method of awesomeness is your spray tan ! you look fab! dont feel legs stay white no matter how much tanner!......but seriously what kind of spray tan do you get?

  3. BTW have you ever tried Humphreys Teething tablets? They are a GOD SEND!!!!!!

  4. you are GORGEOUS.

    sorry for the bambinos and their teethers... hope they come in soon and fast!

  5. Awwww....poor babes!!! And tan you. And I agree wit Erica...those teething tablets SAVED us!!!! Good they are all natural...

  6. You look so pretty!! Love that picture of you!

  7. Wow! So sweet:) cute babies, you are looking great. Tanning takes time to go off, Regular use of moisturizers, tanning sprays and all helps in prevention of your skin:)

  8. I love this post--I'll have to link up sometime for Friday Letters!

    I've only gotten a spray tan once. It was good, but it sort of rubbed off awkwardly (in patches). Is there any way to prevent that? Also, it is SO EXPENSIVE HERE (like $30/session at least). Is it the same up there? UGH.

    I finally got some sun this weekend--swam with Milo and Jude on Friday, was at a little league party for Jasper all day Saturday, and went for a run on Sunday. I feel SO MUCH BETTER with a little color.

    You look beautiful, but then again, you always do!

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