Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Vlog EVER

So....I vlogged. I have a few other posts scheduled but pushed them all back to post this video. After reviewing the video I've noticed a few things. I won't point them out to you, but just know that I do not have a lisp in real life. No matter what it sounds like in the video.

Anyway, I'm linking up with Raven and Becky for the favorite things link up, sorry for the almost 13 minutes you won't get back. I taped this three different times but chose to go with the first recording because it's the one where I seem the least like a boring, old, hag. Enjoy!

Fave Things Vlog


  1. Hiiiii! Stopping over from the linkup! I loveeee the burlap TOMS! They're so cute!!!

  2. OMG. Laughing right now. "Hah hah. .. That was a weird laugh. I don't laugh like that.". You are hilarious. Great vlog!

  3. So fun to read!! PS I loved Sarahs Key too!

  4. Love your hot pink nial polish! What shade is it? You are so cute. After listening to your voice, I love you even more :)

  5. a boring old hag you are NOT!!!! and truth? I taped mine like 10 times, no lie. Its so awkward!!!


    so glad you popped your vlog cherry :)

    and hey now! I like me some hussy, show the shoes ha!!

    you guys have the same birthday? I think its time to get married. did I just say that?!

    I never knew you had a lisp?!

    lol juuuuuuust kidding!

    so awesome that your pearl earrings were actually out of a sea creature, like you cracked them yourself. love that.

    ok you would never be able to tell this was your first vlog. You're a natural!!

  6. Awwwww . . . I just finished watching this, and I almost want to watch it again b/c it makes me feel like I'm sitting there with you!! I've never done a vlog before, probably cause I have no idea how to do one. haha! You'll have to teach me and then maybe I'll make one. :)

    I should try that TreSemme stuff! I actually really like their shampoo/conditioner.

    Eager to see what you're gonna do with ALL those buckets!

    Loved this! You look cute as ever & your arms look amazing, by the way.

  7. Those pearl earrings are super cute the story behind them is amazing! haha hussy shoes lol..

  8. First, you are TRES ADORABLE!!!! I don't think I could EVAH EVAH vlog. I hate what I sound like on voicemails, so I am pretty sure I would annoy myself. I am going home to finish this additional 10 min..but I, like you, am rocking my pink glitter Toms...to the fullest! :)

  9. your so cute! love the burlaps! So so cute! I love this! Summer

  10. You are too cute!!! i wanna steal your heels (the one with the sticker in it still) and i laughed when you said you couldn't show us the shoes you were wearing "without looking like a hussy." lol i love that you always wear your mom's spoon ring.

    i agree with claire-- your arms are amazing!

    and the pearl story... my favorite.

    you need to do more of these! :)


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