Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2nd Fathers Day

Our Father's Day turned out pretty fantastic. I got up early to hang the Happy Father's Day banner I made last year, make sure the card I made was good to go and pulled Boyfriend's present out of it's hiding spot.

The Bambinos woke up and as I was trying to corral them toward our bedroom door with the present and card in their hands, B got up. I felt like I was quietly trying to herd cows. They wanted to go their own direction and wanted to play with the card & gift - the card may have been bent a little - oops!
B tried to get the Bambinos to help him open the gift, but they still don't get wrapping paper, they wanted to play with the wrapped gift.

We boughtB an iPod nano. He's been wanting an actual iPod (instead of his cheap mp3 player) for a while to use while working out. He's thrilled with it. I even offered to get him an iPod Touch but he doesn't want one. He's not into apps and stuff; he's a weirdo.

The above pic cracks me up. Bug's realized he can make himself laugh, and does so whenever he hears anyone laugh. It makes us laugh thus making him actually laugh. It's a never ending cycle.

After getting the best pic of my three boys that I could, B had to rush out for a softball tournament. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a lot little happy that they lost so he could spend the rest of the day with us.

We went to my dad and step-mom's for enchiladas.

Then we went shopping! The Bambinos have long outgrown their infant seats. We bought a 3 in 1 seat thinking it would be cool to have one that transitions into a booster seat but the one we bought doesn't work rear facing! They have 7 months until they can face forward so not we're back to square one.
But Peanut sure does like his chair. I realize it's not the best pic, but it's just so cute.

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