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Pregnancy Revisited

Sorry if you're a long time reader (if you are, I love you!) but this is going to be a regurge of my pregnancy. And a lot of links back to my original posts about it.

I had absolutely no morning sickness. I remember feeling a little queasy for a week or two before I found out I was pregnant, but I thought maybe I was trying to fight something off or maybe it's because I was doing a cleanse and was just really hungry.

I've always kind of had stomach issues where I feel with my stomach so if I've worked out too hard or I'm too hungry or I'm upset about something, I kind of feel like I want to throw up. It wasn't until my boobs started getting bigger that Boyfriend suggested I might be pregnant. I was about 3 weeks late but I take my pill every sing day at the same time, I couldn't possibly be pregnant, could I? 

The morning after he made that statement, I got up at 5am and went to the store for a pregnancy test. I peed on the stick and instantly two pink lines appeared. "I'm going to be a mother." I smiled with a sigh of ....relief? Happiness? I'm not really sure which of those two feelings it was, but I loved the little peanut already.

Boyfriend and I work for the same company but different radio stations. It killed me not to be able to tell him, but work was not the appropriate place. I stopped by his house after work where he was building a new fence in the backyard so he could get a dog and mine would have a playmate (ha!)

That was Friday of Father's Day Weekend 2010.

I thought I got pregnant Memorial Day weekend but it actually happened closer to Cinco de Mayo. We had our first doctor appointment, which I blogged about, and found out that I was 4 weeks further along than I thought and Boyfriend reacted so much unlike his usual goofball self. I stayed calm.By the time we actually had an ultrasound and they dated the pregnancy, it was too late to do genetic testing but everything was a-ok anyway.

I started having weird dreams about the babies and their genders. August 25th (18 weeks) B felt the first kick from Baby B. I'd been feeling him for a week or two by then, but it was fun for someone other than me to feel them.

We agonized over revealing the genders, but it didn't matter, because the office messed up our ultrasound. Eventually we found out the genders but decided to keep them a secret.

In September, we went to the fair, where I ended up with two pearls. That's still one of my favorite stories to tell, it's just so crazy. Also in September we  finally decided to reveal the genders (<-video alert!) Once I knew and had been looking at cute clothes, I couldn't keep it a secret any longer.

Registering at Babies R Us, Boyfriend was hit with a hard reality: the number of diapers we would need every day. He had no idea.

At the beginning of October, at almost 6 month pregnant, I moved in with Boyfriend. We had been planning to move in together eventually, maybe after his new dog got settled in. (Ha! again. He never got a dog, he got two adorable Bambinos instead.)
my old bedroom

Also that same month, I traveled to Portland twice because my cousin was getting married. We took what is quite possibly one of my favorite photos of B and I. It's framed in our house.
At the end of October (26 weeks) my sister threw me the awesomest baby shower where people were SO generous. The amount of stuff we got was insane. It was during this time that I realized B and I were not the only ones to love these little guys so much.

B went in to full nesting mode (I never really that weird?) And tried to finish up all kinds of projects before the Bambinos were born. He turned the car port into a garage, complete with electrical and plumbing and everything. He painted their nursery, tore down a wall, covered up two doorways, turned a hallway into a walk in closet, and added insulation under the house. He was a busy busy guy, but it left me free to sit around and read or watch TV and I needed the rest.

At almost 28 weeks, I took my last trip - we went to Eastern Washington to visit my Grandma. I never did go on bed rest but I wanted to be closer to home for the rest of my pregnancy since twins tend to come early. That same month, our work threw us a baby shower (<-video if you want to see how big and swollen I was!) And we received enough BRU gift cards to get our double stroller! It was such a relief to have all the big stuff purchased. We were more or less ready for the Bambinos to come....although I knew they needed to stay inside a little longer.

We also got the first ultrasound pictures of their faces! And B took me away for a Babymoon. He surprised me with a gift made out of my two pearls! Which I wear every single day BTW.

I guess I lied. Thanksgiving weekend, I took my last trip.  In December, I was finally ready for my pregnancy to be over. I was so huge and so uncomfortable. My doctor was a little concerned with their weights so we saw a specialist. What they don't know, is shortly after these appointments, I started drinking protein shakes to add some meat onto my babies.

New Years Day I went to the hospital thinking that I might finally have my babies. I did not want them so close to my birthday!
On my birthday, I got the best news ever, and I wrote them a letter. I had a lot of concerns, especially about surgery. I worked up until the Friday before my scheduled c-section and that Monday finally, finally(!) it was time for us to get our babies!
The night before
I barely slept the night before I was so excited.

Overall, I had an almost picture-perfect pregnancy. If you actually go through and read all those posts (I don't blame you if you don't) you'll learn that I swelled up almost immediately, we're talking early like July/August-ish. Because of that, my hands were constantly falling a sleep and I had to wear one or two wrist braces so I could work and sleep at night. My blood pressure was always excellent and I was tipping the scale at 207 by the end. (I can't believe I just told you that!) At my 6 week post-op appointment, my doctor said of all the twin pregnancies he's had, mine's right up there with the best with the least amount of complications.

I am so grateful/appreciative/happy that everything turned out as well as it did. Not only was I blessed with an amazing pregnancy, I was blessed with the most adorable Bambinos.

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  1. yay for a normal pregnancy with few complications! :-)

  2. Lindsay, you were absolutely gorgeous while you were pregnant!! I would never have guessed you ended up at 207. I love the story about the pearls. Isn't it weird how things like that happen?

  3. That's amazing that your pregnancy went so well! I loved reading your story, and love the family picture at the bottom!

  4. Your boys are beautiful and your story is amazing! I'm visiting from the link up! I'm Amanda one of the hostesses from the blog Hope you keep linking up!

  5. Sounds like our pregnancies were almost identical! Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. You are SO good with this blogging thing. Although I "was there" through it was fun to read through it again!!! I love you guys.


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