Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Look Inside My Closet

Have I ever shown you how anal detail oriented I am?
You can just barely see it here. Yes, the Bambinos are too adorable, but did you notice the bookshelf? Let's take a closer look:
Did you notice it?
All the books are in descending order by size....just as they should be.

Don't get me wrong, they don't look like this all the time. I'm fully aware that I have two 16 month olds and one of Bug's favorite things to do is pull all the books off the shelf one at a time. H grabs and drops, grabs and drops until he finds one he might actually want to hang on to or "read." Often as I get ready to read them their bedtime story, I'll organize the books where they'll stay until at least morning time. And I always organize them before I take the Bambinos' monthly pictures.

Their closet is another example  - it's organized by the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, brown, black, white. Short sleeves first then the color spectrum in long shirts then "nice" shirts like polos and button ups. I have been known to completely reorganize the closet and put things where they "belong" after B puts their clothes away. I find it much easier to find stuff that matches in the morning if I keep all the colors together. Some people organize by size, I organize by color. Yes, I know I'm lucky B even puts their clothes away - he's a clean freak, remember?
My closet is the same way. Dresses, skirts. work shirts, t-shirts then short sleeves and long sleeves. Each one of those categories is organized in rainbow fashion, and then my shoes are organized in whatever way they will fit. I wanted all the boxes to fit as well as possible.

Some people think I'm crazy for keeping shoes in boxes. I think they stay in much better condition so I've been keeping them that way for close to 10 years now. Plus, I find them easier to stack..... otherwise they'd most likely end up in a pile.

Oddly enough, these are my only three "things" I like things to be neat and orderly but these are the things that I'm the most anal detail oriented about. Because it takes me awhile to get things exactly the way I like it, I put organizing off as long as possible. I guess this attention to detail is probably whey I hate cleaning so much - it takes me forever! But when I do it it looks damn good.


  1. OMG I am soooooo impressed! My closet is absurd compared to yours, haha! Matt's stuff barely fits in there, my shoes are haphazard, and nothing is color-coordinated. You're amazing! The boys' room looks perfectly organized as well . . . I am SO not an organizer by nature, so these things are tough for me. I like things when they're neat and organized, though, so it's something I really need to work on.

  2. i am totally the same way. i keep my shoes in totes or their original boxes. everything has it a specific spot and if it isn't organized like that i forget i own some of my clothes. also they are all color coordinated and ordered tank tops, vest, quarter length and then long sleeve. jeans are hung up in the order of their brand. i'm a total freak about it.

  3. Ha! We have a lot in common. I completely organize our books that way, too! And everything has to be hung up just right!

  4. COME HELP ME!!!!!! I do this too. But where can we find the time!?! Ugh....ohhhh that's right. We just gotta make the time. :) I really need to do an overhaul in both me and Layla's rooms...

  5. My closets are all the same way :)

  6. I do the same thing with books! Mine, Jay's... I tried with hubby's but that meant some of his series were out of order since some are hardcover and others were trade paperback and yeah... that didn't go over well with him, lol...


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