Friday, May 4, 2012

Having Twins

Did you always know you were having twins? We found out very early, at my first ultrasound. The first people we told I was even pregnant was my mom and sister and then Boyfriend's mom, but we swore them to secrecy.
15 weeks
After we had out ultrasound, found out it was twins and I was 13 weeks along instead of  9 like I'd thought, we told everyone.

Except my dad.

I was terrified to tell my Dad. I think he's the last person we told. 

Why? Remember the scene in the movie Just Married where Brittany Murphy is sitting on the bed in her wedding dress freaking out because now her dad will know she's had sex?

That was me.


  1. Hahaha. How did your dad take the news?!?!?

  2. You had sex?! haha. So funny. I was actually the same way but with my mom. *ESPECIALLY* being unmarried but it ended up fine of course. Hope your dad took the news well ;)

  3. LOL thats hilarious! What were your thoughts when they told you it was twins?

  4. What a funny memory to look back on!!!

  5. hahaha!!! I love the part about your dad.

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