Monday, April 9, 2012

We Made Egg Peeps

I failed you. I was supposed to write out my baby food making tips and tricks last week and the week slipped past me so it never happened. The post is coming, I promise, I'm just not sure when.

By the time I actually get to our Easter, you'll probably be tired hearing about Easter but oh well. Thursday night, B and I threw together these babies:

I've seen similar ones on Pinterest, but I decided to add the legs because I was sure someone from work would also use the idea from Pinterest. (No one did.)

We had a deviled egg contest at work Friday and, although I don't even like eggs, B and I decided to try these. They look a lot easier than they are.

B boiled the eggs while I was at work. He then took off all the shells after our dinner guests left.

We carved the top
You have to scoop out all the yolk (we used knives) from both the top and bottom of the egg. It's messy and not easy. B tried washing off one of the eggs to get all the extra yolk off and it doesn't work - they're too flimsy. Out of 12 eggs, we ended up taking 6 for the contest.

After you have them carved, you whip up your favorite deviled egg recipe. I piped the filling back into the bottom portion of the egg. Side note: B just scooped some filling in and it worked just as well. Piping is not necessary.

After we filled the eggs back up, I realized I needed to put some filing in the top so that there was space between the top and bottom portions of the shells. Next time, I would just over fill the bottom portion of the shell. Then  you add olives for eyes and little pieces of carrots for the beak.

I used some filling to try and stick the olives on, but deviled egg filling is not like frosting, its not sticky so the eyes kept falling.  The beak stayed really well, you just have to push it in quite a bit. The legs were a little harder because I wasn't shoving them into the egg far enough either. I was too afraid of breaking the shells and we had to have at least four eggs for the contest.

We had some really cool entries. One set of eggs were salmon infused and had salmon roe on top. Some eggs were tie-dyed, another person made characters out of their eggs.

B and I ended up tying in both the Presentation and Originality categories making us the overall winner. Bacon infused eggs won for taste and I can't remember what the other categories were. I was excited to win since three years in a  row, I've gotten 2nd place in our Halloween Costume Contest.

We won a serving dish with a lid and warming tray underneath. I was trying to be so careful getting out of my car after work that the dish I brought the eggs in fell and splattered all over the driveway.

I swept everything up the best I could but then this happened:

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  1. Love your lil eggys. And congrats on the win. They remind me of white minions from Despicable Me!!! lol. Very cute. And whoops on the glass breakage. You win some, you lose some. Quite literally. :(

  2. Those are so darn cute! It's fun that you & B did it together too. Happy Easter.


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