Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Early Easter

Can I just start out this post by saying today my Bambinos are 15 months old. How did that happen?! Okay, back to Easter....

Friday night, we took the Bambinos to see the Easter Bunny. Easter kind of snuck up on me and it wasn't until Thursday night that I realized we didn't have much time for the photo. Although I'm never impressed with the quality of the photo from our local mall, I always purchase the CD which is a bit better.

I anticipated that the boys would cry their heads off, but Lovebug stayed calm, but leery. Peanut, on the other hand, kept pointing at the Bunny's mouth. I thought it might be cute to purchase one of those photos but we weren't given the option.

Saturday, we had to have Easter because B had softball games all day on actual Easter (don't even get me started on that one.) We had B's mom and her boyfriend, and my mom over. But first, B ran up to his friend's car show real quick and I took the Bambinos outside to play.

They'd never actually played in the grass before as last year they were too young and we didn't have a great summer. Peanut wanted to walk so bad but our backyard is really uneven so the poor thing kept falling on his butt.

Lovebug was cute touching the grass, trying to figure out if he liked it or not.
He's literally petting the grass
I was taking a cute series of pictures where Peanut was doing a little wiggle when we got photobombed.

When my mom came over, she brought the Bambinos a new car! Peanut isn't too interested yet, but Lovebug loves it. He loves cars. He was really hamming it up waving to all of us out the window. He's prefectly content not even going anywhere in it, but just playing with the steering wheel and trying to push the horn hard enough to make sound.

We made spaghetti for dinner as everyone in B's family (except him) are vegetarians. We thought it would be easy to make one sauce with meat and one without.

This picture cracks me up. Bug didn't realize he could eat the Angel Food Cake, he just kept squishing it.

Sunday morning the Bambinos woke up to find the Easter Bunny had come.
The Easter Bunny even made them personalized baskets using the pails I'd gotten at Target for a dollar months ago. I knew they'd come in handy someday.

How was your Easter? Did you follow traditions or have off the wall food like we did?



  1. Wow, what a difference a year makes, huh!?! They are getting so chubby, I LOVE IT!!!! Gosh...I remember those days. We stayed traditional....which means it WAS off the wall. LOL. I gotta get better at posting....

  2. Isn't it so interesting to think about them playing in the grass for the first time?? How many of us have pictures of that? That's so great that you're able to document these important times in their lives. They are just so cute!

  3. It looks like they had a good Easter! Their Easter Bunny picture is so cute!

  4. Look at how cute they looked with the Easter bunny, and it is amazing how much they changed in a year! Fantastic holiday recap.

  5. Wow, what a year makes. I am sad we missed the Easter bunny this year so I wont be able to compare. They are too cute...

  6. oh my goodness they are SOOO cute!!!!!!!!!


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