Monday, March 26, 2012

Rock A Bye Baby

There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby, right? From day one, I've always been content just watching my babies sleep. Partly, because Lovebug sometimes sleeps literally folded in half.

And partly because they're just so cute!

 Our road to sleepdom was not always smooth.

Nothing about having kids scared me. Except a vaginal birth, the surgery involved with a c-section, and the possibility that they would not sleep. I thought the pregnancy books were kind of pointless but I pored over the chapters on sleep thinking that if I read enough, I'd be able to coax my babies to sleep given any situation. I bought the paperback and Kindle version of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins - there's a singleton version too - because everyone in our M.o.Ms group seemed to think it was amazing.
The first weeks of their life, I was barely sleeping. I fed on demand and, with two babies, I was lucky to get an hour and a half between feedings even though I tandem fed them. (Yep! I fed two at once, the lactation lady at the hospital was my bff once she taught me how.) If one was sleeping but the other was hungry, I always woke up the other one to feed them at the same time.

Whoever said don't wake a sleeping baby never had twins.

I never ended up reading Healthy Sleep Habits, because the week before I went back to work, something miraculous happened: the Bambinos slept all night. At 10 weeks old, they began sleeping from 7 or 8pm to 5am! Were weren't doing anything, we tried to put them to bed at the same time each night, but hadn't really started a routine yet.

Shortly after, we started a routine. We began putting the Bambinos down around 7, after a nightly bath. From what I understand, children thrive on a schedule. It's good for them and their bodies to know what to expect next. If you think about it, you probably have a loose schedule to how your day goes.

I wake at 5:30am - workout - get in the shower
I leave for work between 8-8:15
I work 8:30-5
I go home and eat dinner between 6-6:30

My body knows when it's supposed to eat and when it should be tired. The Bambino's schedule is a little more rigid than that but there is some flexibility. They do almost everything within the same 1/2hour time frame every day. And I think it's because of this schedule that they've been pretty good sleepers.

I will admit, nap time has been much harder for us. There are times when we end up getting one of them up even though you can tell he's still tired because he's crying so hard, and so long and so loud that we don't want him to wake his brother.

Whoever said twins learn to sleep through it is lying. They can, and will, wake each other if you let it go long enough.

One invaluable resource has been Julie Kennedy, a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Julie's part of our M.o.Ms group so she's always sharing her pearls of wisdom on the message boards, but on her facebook page (the link above) she shares such helpful tidbits. For example, daylight savings time: if your child is used to going to bed at a certain time, keep putting them to bed at that time. 

So, the Bambinos are in bed by 7pm every night. With the time change, we kept putting them to bed when the clock said 7pm, not when it seemed like it was 7pm to their bodies. I'd highly suggest liking Julie's facebook page so you can benefit from her knowledge too. And, if you're really having trouble, she comes to your house to help you sleep train your child. If you're not in the Seattle area, I'm sure she can point you in the direction of other sleep consultants in your area.

Thank goodness we never had to go that far.


  1. We have done the same thing with Landon and Ava, they go to bed between 7:15-7:30 and they wake up between 7:00-7:30. They've been that way since a few months old, minus being sick or teething which will mess with things. I love having them on a schedule, they know what to expect and they know when it is bedtime.

  2. Your twins are adorable.


  3. They are SO PRECIOUS sleeping. Goodness gracious.

    I've learned through babysitting that a lot of it really is about creating a schedule, and some is about the baby's nature. Milo (the oldest in the family I babysit for) was a pretty horrible sleeper as a baby. They had a hell of a time, had to hire a (very expensive) sleep consultant multiple times, etc. And then Jude came along and slept through the night on his own around 8 weeks, for the first time, and then EVERY NIGHT starting at 12 weeks. To this day (he is 2 now) he still really loves his sleep. Amazing how different the two of them are.

    I totally support putting babies on a strict schedule, though. It's good for everyone in the house!

  4. OMG, soooooooooo sweet! I still loving watching my lil' dude sleep!

  5. I LOVE butt up sleeping positions in babies!!! OMG watching babies sleep seriously is THEE best EVER.

  6. I'm in love with the butt in the air pose!!! Of course, I slept like that too. Still do...juuuuust kidding. ha! But the folded in half one is hilarious...still has me giggling.


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