Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mini Threads Pre-Promote

Because I'm on lunch and have some time, I decided to do another Mini Threads post even though the link up doesn't officially start until next week. I'd love for you to join me...

In honor of us needing to get new family pics taken, I'm posting the last family pic we took.

 It's the Bambinos birthday, we went to Bahama Breeze for dinner. As always, people were oohing and aahing over the Bambinos. B was so proud telling everyone that it was their first birthday. I love when he talks about them, you can tell the love he has for them when he does.

The people who took this pic mentioned how cutely they'd been dressed until we put their hats on them to leave. They were in Cougar beanies, and the people taking the pics were Husky fans. I've mentioned that rivalry a few times before.

It's funny how I've learned to be ok with the fact that that was the best picture I would get of them. It's hard getting two one year olds to focus!
A better pic of their outfit. Can you tell we're MJ fans in this house?

The lowdown: 
Shirts - Sandbox Threads. I found out about them from Meli Faif.
Jackets - a gift when they were born, but I'm almost positive they were from a Nordstrom sweats set. Here's a similar item

If you want to, go ahead and link up below, but the real fun starts next week. Remember, even if you don't have kids, show an outfit you would put them in if you had some. I can't be the only one who checks out clothes for my future children.


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