Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mini Threads: First Park Date

Ready for a picture overload? I have been dying to take the Bambinos to the park.  I think I've mentioned before that I kind of can't wait until they can walk so I can take them to the park and play with them in our backyard.

After spending most of the day in their jammies (see yesterday's post) we got them ready for the park after their 2nd nap. Luckily, we live 5 minutes away from a great park, it's where we took the family pictures I never shared with you.
Too lazy to watermark for this blog

My big boy walking in the parking lot. Boyfriend loves this one. I used to tease him that he didn't love anything more than his car. He says that's not true, but I say that statement's pretty close. 

Yes, those are rims on a station wagon. Gag me.

I thought the Bambinos would love the swings, Lovebug loves rocking his RockaBye, and they love swinging with us, but they were more preoccupied by the other kids at the park.

 Bug liked the slide slightly more.

 I could not get them to quit looking at the other kids so they could go down the slide. Maybe they need to be around older kids more often.

They didn't love the swings and slide, but loved this. It's just the walkway to another slide, but they stood there for a good 10 minutes banging the bars, trying to reach Daddy who had the camera and watching the big kids.
 B's fave pic from our trip. He thinks Lovebug looks like he's in jail. He's content watching the kids.

Watching the kids again.
Do you see my big boy walking? It won't be long until Lovebug's doing it too.

Peanut became frustrated that he couldn't walk up the curved ramp toward the slide. He's not used to hills yet and was not happy about having to crawl. He fell forward on his hands 5 or 6 times before giving up. He's my little engine that could.

Love this one. These people on a rocking toy nearby were telling us how cute they were; someone said something funny, B and I laughed so Peanut joined in. I love that he's laughing for no reason other than the fact that we are.

I love when Lovebug sits like this. He'll be crawling and sit back with his hands on his knees before determining his next move.
Told you Lovebug loves to rock. Every time he does, he gets this smile of pure joy on his face. Not too long after this picture, Peanut fell off. B caught him before he hit the sawdust but it was close. He didn't even cry.

After the park we went to eat at Doofers again. Once we got home, I wanted to get pics of their whole outfits. Do you see those eyelashes? I always say that if I ever have a girl and she doesn't get them too she's going to be pissed. Everyone always notices their eyelashes.

After I first got the boys dressed, Boyfriend went to go change out of his pajamas and also changed into a WSU shirt. I thought it was cute.

For someone who was so freaked out about having twins, he sure has taken to fatherhood.

Beanies - WSU team store, a gift from my sister.
Hoodies - Osh Kosh - Oshkosh online they're no longer available but they still have sweatshirts
Jeans - Target, couldn't find them online, but they still have them in stores.
Shoes - Puma, Nordstrom these are the best, the velcro on top makes them super easy to slip on.
Shirts - Old Navy
Onesies - Random brands, they were gifts

Thanks for your support in yesterday's post, it wasn't meant to be all about my family and again, I don't even know if they do judge me. It's just that I guess because they mean so much to me that I worry they will. The whole point of the post was, I finally figured out who my audience is going to be :)


  1. I can't handle the cute. So funny that they had the most fun watching the big kids. My mom says that until my baby sister turned 2, she was happier watching me play and watching other kids play than playing herself. I think it is normal to be fascinated with other kids, right?

    Those eyelashes are killer. Those two are going to he heartbreakers one day!

  2. I ADORE this theme that "your boys" have got going on. It seems that the park is in order quite frequently now!!! That is one thing that will get em walking...out of pure determination to keep up with the big boys!!! :) And that picture of B swing the boys....oh my!!! It completely MELTS my heart. The colors are glorious. And don't fret....I am going to post and link up shortly. HEY! If it is just me and least we are FIIIIIINE company. lol.

  3. Loving seeing so many pictures of the boys!

  4. Gonna try to link up this afternoon even though im a day late ....I just cant seem to get my pics to upload right now :(

  5. Oh my goodness they are so adorable, Lindsay. I am going to love this linkup because it's going to mean lots and lots of pictures of your boys. Those smiles are to die for. And their silky hair! I swear, the fact that there are two of them makes them each individually so much cuter, if that's possible. I'm afraid that if I had a kid, I'd go broke buying cute baby clothes.

  6. Oh gosh, sooo cute! :)


  7. Such cuties!! Beautiful family!! :o)

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