Monday, March 19, 2012

Mama Says: How She Does It Part 2

So this is part two of the post explaining how I do "it." If you missed part one, it's here.

4. Purees. I have a confession, sometimes we still give our kids purees. They can certainly eat what we eat, but it's so easy to cook a bunch of food on Sunday night and freeze it for them to eat the next few weeks. Plus, since they're on the smaller side, I worry about them not eating enough. When they eat purees, I know how many ounces of each food they're eating. I've mentioned before that I'm super picky. If we gave them what we eat, I'd be afraid of turning them into picky eaters too. With them eating purees, it's an easy way to give them things I won't eat like butternut squash, yams/sweet potatoes, avocados, and almost every other cooked vegetable (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, etc. I won't eat any of those cooked- just raw - which the Bambinos can't do yet with their two teeth.)

To be fair, these are Sally Hansen Nail Strips, not even regular polish.
5. Plan ahead! People are always impressed that my nails are usually painted. What they don't realize is, it used to take me four hours to paint my nails. I'd take off my current color during the Bambinos' nap. Then I'd put the base coat on. I wouldn't end up actually putting the color and top coat on my nails until the Bambinos' 2nd nap.Now that I've found Out the Door, it doesn't take my nearly as long, but that's what my process used to be.

Currently, I wake up at 5:30am to Shred, shower, make my lunch and make my green smoothie before the Bambinos even wake up. They usually wake up half an hour before I leave for work so I'm pretty much ready and can use that time to change their diapers, clothes, start breakfast and do any last minute things for myself - get dressed.

If I know we're going somewhere during the weekend, I prep bottles, snacks, food to take, etc. while they're napping. I'll start getting ready hours beforehand because I know I may only get to do things in small increments. We're almost always ready to go right when they wake up from a nap so that I can change diapers, get them dressed and get out the door leaving us with as much amount of time between naps to do whatever it is we need to do.
6. We lucked out. The Bambinos are such easy babies. They play independently, have good dispositions and are pretty well behaved kids. Just within the last week, Peanut has been a little bit more vocal trying to get his way, test boundaries and get attention from us, but it's still not that big of a deal. We didn't baby proof our house a ton and since it's on the smaller side, it's easy to keep an eye on them. They're into everything like typical toddlers but we just leave toys out in the living room all day and put them away at night once they go to bed. We're fortunate that when we say, "Hands off," Lovebug listens.

Our biggest issue right now is that he wants to pet Teddy when he's eating which Teddy does not like at all. When Teddy growls at him, Bug thinks it's funny and lets out a big belly laugh. He also wants to play in Teddy's water bowl (that kid loves water!) so it's been frustrating trying to get him not to drop his cars in the bowl or splash his hands in it. When he gets fixated on Teddy or his water, we just distract him. It's very easy to distract both boys when they're doing something they shouldn't.

So that, my friends is how I "do it." I really can't take credit for everything, B's a huge help and my babies are easy. I don't really feel like I'm doing anything, but people mention, "I don't know how you do it," all the time.

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  1. Wowza. work out? You're impressive!

  2. Well, you definitely have it down!!!! Schedules are the thang, Miss Thang! And you are werkin' em.

  3. You're still really impressive, and my goodness gracious they're adorable in their jammies. I really wish we lived closer to each other so I could play with them!!! Their hair is precious!

    Okay so fill me in on Out the Door. What brand is it and where can I find it?

  4. Awesome!! i'm so inspired by your dedication to get up early and work out before the day starts. I used to make my own baby food too but it was before they have that cool thing you have to put them all in. I used ice cube trays at the time. Your twins are adorable!!

  5. Lindsey, love, adore this post. totally inspired. fabulous post, love. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new outfit post all about giving back through fashion. xo

  6. Great post! Check you out getting up at 530! You rock!!!
    Ps- what is Out The Door?
    Your nails look fab!

    Also- I'm wanting to make MJ's food.... never done it before... any tips??

  7. 530 is way too early! Youre crazy! :)


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