Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lindsay Loves: Scentsy

Hey everyone! I decided to do something different and throw a virtual Scentsy Party! Do you know what Scentsy is? I looooove it. It's a series of electric warmers with wax scent bars that make your whole house smell delicious. I got a plug in warmer a few years ago with the (discontinued) plumeria bar and I've been dying to get another warmer for my living room. With the Bambinos, I feel so much safer with Scentsy warmers than candles because the warmers are flameless.
Please join in shopping my online catalog party for Scentsy!  

Scentsy has so many different types of warmers with scented wax to make your home smell fresh & inviting.
In case you need a little more convincing....

6 Reasons Scentsy is better than a Candle:
By not burning the wax as a traditional candle would - you are not you releasing soot or other chemicals into the air
The scent bars last about 60-80 hours, which outlasts candles three times their size
If spilled, the wax is warm - but not hot enough to scald or burn anyone - this is huge for me. The Bambinos could spill it and they won't get hurt or start a fire.
No flame, No smoke
Warmers range from $20-$35, and the scent bars are $5 each - so much better than my fave Yankee Candle scents, and I can switch out scents as often as I'd like!
So many choices - you can mix and match scents and your home decor

 They also have Scent Circles for your car
Travel Tin scents for your car
Scented Room Spray
and Scent Packs that you can put in drawers or in these little guys for your children's room

I think the Bambinos need one of these. So perfect for their Easter baskets so they can cuddle at nap/night time.
They have this special little guy for the month of March, how cute would he be in your mini's Easter Basket?!
They're introducing their Layers Products - bath & laundry product! I can't use dryer sheets so I'd love to try the dryers discs.

Please take some time to shop these fabulous products, and consider making a purchase for your home.
There are some great Combine &Save packages to get you started!

If you have any questions, please contact:
Kim Hawkins
Independent Scentsy Consultant

Scentsy has warmers to fit your decor, they even have the Campus Collection so you can rep your favorite team. My parents gave B a WSU one for our birthday with some masculine scents and he loves it. He promptly set it up in his bathroom and uses it like a night light too.
See? Something for everyone, I'd love for you to take a peek and see if you're interested in ordering anything. If you do order, come back here and let me know, one lucky purchaser will win a free scent bar! The party will close next Friday so you have just over a week. Good thing today's payday, there's a lot I want to order.


  1. Yay! The post looks great! I may place my order for the boys' Easter buddies in your party myself :-)

  2. I've wanted to order from Scentsy before, but the warmers are kinda pricey . . . I'm gonna check out the selection and think about it!

  3. I feel so out of the loop but I've never heard of Scentsy before! I'll have to check out the website!

  4. I love Scentsy - I have yet to try it but have smelled it and have heard nothing but good things about it! Hope your online party goes well, how much fun!

    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment - have a great weekend.


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