Monday, February 27, 2012

The Trouble With Names

B uses an alias.

B's name is Ben*. Kind of. A few dates in, he mentioned that Marshall is not his real last name. For some reason, I didn't ask what his real last name was. I was telling my sister that I didn't know his last name so she started calling him Ben Button (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button had just come out.) We had some good laughs about that.

A week or so later he told me that his last name is Benton. He's adopted, so I thought his parents named him  Ben Benton! Can you imagine?! These two people get to pick a name and they choose Ben Benton!?!

About six weeks into our relationship, we were at dinner and B says to me, ".....well, you know, my nieces call me Uncle Ben."
"As opposed to what?!" I asked.
"Why would they call you Joe?"
"Because that's my name," he said so nonchalantly.
So, six weeks into our relationship. I found out I didn't know my boyfriend's real name. My response? "Who are you?!" he laughs, "Is there anything else I should know?"

Turns out that he never really felt like a Joe and in high school he was doing an impression of some TV character named Ben so his friends started calling him that. When he got into radio in college, they made up radio names so he chose Ben Marshall. He thinks of himself as Ben Marshall and the only people who call him Joe are his mom and two sisters. In fact, people that he's been friends with 10+ years just found out his real name at the Super Bowl party we attended.

*I don't want to give away identifying info so I' used names that are similar but still aliases.

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  1. This is totally hilarious! I had no idea! I can't imagine just up and changing my name . . . and I can't imagine anyone actually calling me anything other than Claire. That's crazy! He's a mess. :) So does he now really go by Ben Benton? heehee.

    That top picture of you is so gorgeous. You and B both look amazing. I hope you have that one printed out and framed! xoxo

  2. Ha, that's so random! Do the boys have his last name...real, fake, or otherwise?!??!

  3. GREAT picture of you two. OMG you both look HOT! THat is so funny about the names. What last name did you give your boys?

  4. one linked up? What tools!?! lol. Just kidding. I was suppose to...I hope you forgive me? I love that pic of you two. And now....I just HAVE to know his real name. WTH?


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