Friday, February 17, 2012

New Link Up Info!

Show us your threads! Your mini threads that is! Next Thursday, show us a picture of your kid(s) and tell us where you got the pieces making up their outfit. Link to the storeor get bonus points by linking to the actual item if it's still available.
 Onesie- Old Navy (not currently available, but they have them every summer)
Jeans - Baby Gap
Sunglasses - Target

Don't have kids? That's okay, show us an outfit you would put your kid in if you had one!

Some of my favorite posts are "where I buy my kid's clothes" posts so here's a fun way for all of us to get into the action. I'm hoping this will be a weekly link up, it kind of depends on the turnout, so spread the word and participate!

If you're interested, the button for the link up will be finished Monday.


I'd love to hear what you have to say, I always ALWAYS write back so please make sure you have an email attached to your profile :)


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