Monday, February 20, 2012

Mama Says: Walking & Link Up

I had plans for a better Mama  Says post but life happened this weekend. AND Peanut took two steps towards me yesterday! So proud of my big boy.

 He's been gaining confidence since taking those steps and has taken one towards me a few other times. This morning he tried to walk over to the couch but wasn't quite steady enough. I'm not in a hurry for them to grow up, but I kind of can't wait for them to walk because they're so short and it'd be cute. But, I know that will mean more chaos since they'll get around even quicker than crawling.

If you didn't see my post Friday, a new link up is starting this Thursday. You get to show off your kids' style! I'm really worried that no one will join so it would be really fantastic if you grabbed the button and spread the word. It would be even more fantastic if you joined me.


  1. You know I will totally link up. Love showing off Layla. lol. Yay for baby steps...too fun. ;)

  2. That kid is looking more like B everyday. Where are your genes, chica!??!


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