Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lilo Prints Giveaway

Hi Everyone!

I didn't really get time to put a proper post together so I just wanted to stop by and ask, have you liked Lilo Prints on facebook yet? If you haven't, you should because I'm randomly picking a winner for a free print tomorrow.

 By far my most popular print.

I love Dr. Seuss.
My boys hear this all the time.

More Dr. Seuss

Of course, you can check out more prints on etsy, but the giveaway is happening on facebook tomorrow!

Don't forget! The Mini Threads link up is happening a week from Thursday! I'd be thrilled for you to participate. If you don't have kids, put together an outfit you would put them in if you did. Show off your mini-me's style!


  1. So sorry I dropped the ball last Thursday....I was in bad shape and had to see a doc on Friday. Bad stuff sister. Hope I didn't leave you hanging by your lonesome....

  2. Yay! I already like you. Fingers crossed :)


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