Friday, February 3, 2012

Flashback Friday: I Did Something Embarrassing

I mentioned last week that B and I went out to a going away party on Thursday evening. While there, the girl in the green shirt in the pic below timidly came up to me and told me she was kind of nervous to come up to me 'cause she thinks she's kinda drunk and didn't want to make an arse of herself blah blah blah.

I proceed to tell her that I had just been looking through the pictures of our work party in 2005 and was laughing at all the shenanigans and all this other stuff. She didn't really say much and was kind of awkward about the whole situation.

Hmmmm, that's weird.

It occurred to me on WEDNESDAY that the girl I talked to was not Pang, but instead this girl, Michelle, who used to be one of my employees at the radio station! It took me SIX days to realize my mistake.

How embarrassing!

No wonder she was acting awkward. I wish I could blame it on the alcohol, but sadly I have no excuse other than I used to see Pang out once in awhile when I was still promoting so I just figured it was her.

I still can't believe it took me six days to figure out my mistake.


  1. Haha. We've all done things like this. I'm sure she's over it by now :)

  2. I'm not sure Michelle even realizes I thought she was someone else, I just know our encounter was super awkward, but I thought it's 'cause she was drunk!

  3. Chris's face is priceless, but typical..


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