Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Addition to the Fam

My cousin finally had her baby! 8 days late her little bundle of handsomness graced us with his presence. She had him at home completely natural, how cool is that?!

And I had an epiphany. 

I remember being so annoyed that people were texting B mere minutes after 10:30am because they knew  my c-section was scheduled for that time. My facebook was blowing up with people wanting to know the Bambinos's names thus making my phone blow up. My dad walked into the room twice even though we told everyone to wait until B came out to get them. He walked in once after they checked my catheter and once after I had been trying to breast feed. Neither one of those are sights I want my dad to see. By the time we let people come in and see the boys, and sharing in the initial happiness, I just wanted them to go away because I was exhausted and wanted to nap*. (Anyone who thinks they're going to get sleep in a hospital is cray-zay!)

After checking my two cousins' facebook pages 5837294817 the last week yesterday for updates, I understand what it's like to be so excited to find out about this new little life that you want to meet. You want to see what he looks like, what they named him, you want to know everything about him. I finally understood what the people on the other side of the phone and facebook felt like.

Before anyone gets their panties in a bundle: if you were at the hospital, sorry, but I felt this way for about 10 minutes. I woke up at 4am with excitement and had major surgery, of course I was tired. But I got over it and am so happy you all made it to the hospital. I was mostly annoyed at the people texting B at 10:40am and on. Let us enjoy or new family for a second!

Don't forget! The Mini Threads link up is happening a week from tomorrow! I'd be thrilled for you to participate. If you don't have kids, put together an outfit you would put them in if you did. Show off your mini-me's style!


  1. Aw that is so very true! I think I'd get annoyed too in the same circumstance!

  2. So fantastic! Congrats....I remember that day like yesterday! Ahhhh the memories. LOL.

  3. I was a nazi and didnt even want to tell anyone till after P was here for fear of my overbearing in laws ruining our first moments as a family. of course, I ended up being induced so they had to know ahead of time but we didnt allow anyone at the hospital till about 4 hours after she was born. I wanted time with just us 3 alone so i could breastfeed and relax for a bit. It was perfect for us. I didn't mind my close friends texting me and was texting my best girlfriends while they were stitching me up and cleaning p off. haha.

  4. just made me think that maybe we'll need to institute a technology free zone for a few hours pre and post!


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