Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yesterday I Stayed Home

I have a secret.

I'm envious of stay at home moms. I know it's hard, their days are probably much harder than mine because for 6-7 hours a day, someone else is at home watching my kids. I get to get out of the house and have adult interaction.  I get to focus one something other than home for a few hours a day. I get a break.

But still, I want to stay home.

Yesterday I stayed home and got a glimpse of what being a SAHM would be like. Peanut was whiney. He's in the throes of teething and didn't want me to put him down for any reason. He wanted to play, but I better be not more than an arm's length away. He whined between sucks on his bottle and that never happens. My children are food lovers.

The whining wears on your nerves eventually, especially when you have another baby that also needs attention.
Not from yesterday, the Bambinos were not dressed this cute yesterday either.

Halfway through my day I had a realization: I'd showered and blow dried my hair but didn't straighten it or put on makeup. I was wearing yoga pants and a huge oversized t-shirt. And then I thought, would I even bother if I stayed at home everyday? 

You see, I always put on makeup before I leave the house. I grew up in a household where it was unacceptable to leave the house in sweats. I don't even own sweats; the closest I have is the yoga pants and even if I leave the house wearing them, I have makeup on.

I swore I would never be one of those people that quits getting dressed or "getting ready" every day. So far, with two babies my track record is pretty good. But then I took a good, hard look at myself.

I was being naive. There are just some days where I would not be able to get ready. Would B still love me or be attracted to me? As someone that does not feel good about herself unless she looks good, I always told myself I would always try and look my best -no matter what- but yet I finally understood what it meant to be a mother. I understand why women say they quit taking care of themselves and focus solely on their family.

I finally realized that sometimes, something's gotta give and if that's the sacrifice I'd be making in staying home with my babies, that would okay with me, it would have to be. Most of the time.

Disclaimer: I do not judge others for not getting ready every day, I just never thought I would ever give up getting ready every day. It's the way I was raised. I was not judging those that do not get ready every day so please don't get your panties in a bundle.


  1. I stay home... I don't get "Get ready" every day. I never did though... you know that! I mean, I'm showered and clean and have on clean clothes... But I don't do my hair or my make up daily. HOWEVER I've vowed to never be the mom who goes out in her pajamas. There are too many moms who take their kids to school in pj pants and I just can't be that mom. I get dressed, every day, no matter what.

    That being said... I have ZERO problem wearing yoga pants at home or out occasionally! hahhaa! But i definitely don't wear tacky walmart jammies (ever!) in public! :)

  2. I totally dont get ready unless Im going somewhere. oops

  3. Oh girl...there are days where I DO want to go back to work...but I wouldn't have it any other way. Its hard being with your baby 24/7 I think ...oh and I don't get ready unless I'm leaving my house. :/

  4. Oh babycakes!!!!! :(

    I don't know what to say....other than I tagged you on my blog! Play along if your heart desires...

  5. ya i put makeup on most days, but its usually because i run errands about every day... but if i have a day where i dont... then no makeup, comfy clothes and all!

  6. I feel sure that you look beautiful with or without makeup. :)

    I think I'm somewhere in between (although I don't have any kids). If I'm going out to a nice dinner, to get drinks with friends, to an event, or even to work, then I definitely put on a decent outfit and some makeup. But if I'm running errands and grabbing a weekend lunch with Matt, chances are I don't have any on. I kinda love breaks in wearing makeup--I can rub my eyes whenever I want, and don't have to deal with smudge marks under my eyes when I wash my face. :)

  7. You're too funny! I'm the total opposite, and will not get ready unless I have a specific reason. I had a job where I could work from home for awhile, and it made me realize that I need a career where I simply must look presentable. So now, I wear a suit to work everyday. However, I usually leave the house after hubby and get home before him. It's funny to me because I look so professional and dressy during the day, but all my hubby sees are the PJ's. Fortunately, he could care less.

    Loving your blog, as always :)


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