Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

We took the Bambinos on their first sledding trip yesterday. But first, let me back-up. The Seattle area completely shuts down whenever we get a few inches of snow. We don't get snow often so we're pretty much unprepared when it happens. Plus, a lot of Western Washington is built on hills so it makes driving pretty treacherous. After going to work at 4am with B for two days, I was ready to go home and have some fun yesterday afternoon.
The plan was not to have me ride with them, but they were so bundled up that Peanut almost rolled off and face planted so B ended up pulling the three of us around the block.
Lovebug was cooing and making little sounds the whole time, I think they liked it!

Today, the snow has finally stopped but now we have freezing rain making the roads just as slippery, people are losing power, trees are falling over roadways, some parts of Western Washington have been declared in a state of emergency! The temperature is supposed to get above freezing around noon or so making the roads much easier to navigate. It'll be nice to go back to normal tomorrow.


  1. I am so terribly jealous! I keep seeing people post pictures of snow where they live, and although I really shouldn't ever complain about San Francisco weather, I miss playing in snow! You all look so cute all bundled up--I can't imagine how adorable the boys were in all that snow. I wanna go to Tahoe!!!

  2. Bahahaha....B looks so funny with the rope around his waist. Glad the boys had fun :)

  3. Awww, that looks like so much fun!

  4. Oh, how fun and cute!?! Love it. What great memories....Layla keeps asking for snow. Oh how I wish I could help Texas out in that department. lol. Enjoy while you can.

  5. i have to confess - this does look frightful but seeing as thought i've only ever seen 3" of snow (and i was 2)....i'm a teensy bit jealous! this looks like fun!

  6. OMG I am dying over the cuteness of all of this! The pictures are way too cute!!

  7. The pictures are really adorable! Hard to imagine that cold of weather, living in Florida! But it looks like such fun.


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