Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Hunger Games

Why did it takes so long for me to get into these books?! I'll admit that I've mostly been using my Kindle Fire for the apps. The Fire is a good alternative to the iPad, btw. I'm so happy B got me the Fire for Christmas.

Anyway, I decided that instead of playing games when the Bambinos go to bed, I'd rather read so I bought The Hunger Games on Saturday. I finished it by the Bambinos' first nap in the morning, around 9:30am. 
 I should point out, I was not reading instead of spending time with my boys. I'm very conscientious about being present when they're awake. I mostly read Saturday night when they'd gone to bed, it's that good. Staying up late bit me in the foot later because an hour after I finally went to bed, Peanut woke up crying, and would only sleep in hour and a half stretches, with me holding him and rocking him, in our bed.
Needless to say, I was exhausted Sunday so I debated about buying the 2nd book, but I did. It didn't draw me in quite as quickly (the first book had me at "It was Prim Everdeen.") but not even 48 hours later I'm something like 60% finished. I know the most exciting parts are coming up so even though I should be adding Etsy listings tonight, I'll probably be reading instead.

I know I'll buy the 2nd book, but I'm going to force myself to do some other things first. I'm loving these books, even more than - dare I say it? - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.


  1. Dare.You.Say.It!!!! I loved {of the madly truly deeply category} this triology of books!!! Ate it up!!!! I finished all 1200+ pages in a month...and that is HUGE for me. I finished the 2nd book while away in Oklahoma for Turkey Day and was pissed that I had the last book....just sitting at my Houston home. Ugh, so good! Anyway...how funny that I am starting the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tonight!!!! hehehehehe....glad you loved it. I am excited.

  2. Havent read these yet....I need to!!

  3. I read this so far back that I feel I need to re-read them {OK, I actually listened to the audiobooks, so I should say re-listen}before the movie comes out. I did have a bit of a hard time getting into the third one at first, but a few chapters in I was completely hooked!

  4. YES!!!! They are amazing!

    I just finished the trilogy yesterday. And then I was like....now what?? Do I really need to face a life without Katniss Everdeen? So not okay.

    Glad you are reading them. It's the perfect time since the movie is coming out in a couple of months :)

  5. I read Hunger Games and loved it, but would you believe that I haven't read the second and third books yet?! I don't know what's wrong with me! I've gotta get on that, quick!

  6. love love LOVE these books! SO amazing! cant wait for the movie! i'm excited that i think hubs will actually enjoy the movies too, unlike twilight! lol

  7. It's true. These books are SO good! Glad to hear you're enjoying them! I have no doubt it'll be a letdown, but I am still planning on seeing the movies...should be interesting.

  8. I just did a review on these books! my fave fave fave. I can not wait until march for the movie!!


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