Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: Short Hair

I've been considering chopping my hair off. Last time I did it, in 2006, my hair was about as long as it is now and I was tired of looking like everyone else. I was in the club industry, going out (but not drinking or doing drugs mind you) and every girl either had long hair or was growing it out long.

Remember when my best friend broke up with me? That's him.
Last night we went out because my former boss, the guy in the mohawk in the 1st & 3rd pictures is moving to Oregon. Last night was the final goodby bash.

I found the pictures of me with short hair when I was looking for pics to send to TJ's wife for a slideshow she was putting together. I kind of think I might look better with short hair. I hated when it was a bob, but I'd like to think that I know how to style my hair a bit better now.
TPD - 2012 We're missing a few peeps

What do you think? should I chop off my hair? I'm thinking around collar bone length, so it can still go in a ponytail and stuff. I'm sure that as soon as I cut it, I'd be pissed that I did, but after 2+ years of long hair, I kind of want to try something different.



  1. I've really been wanting to chop my hair off recently too! I like your hair short and long- they definitely both work on you! I say go for it! It will be a nice change, and if nothing else you'll get rid of any damaged hair and then you can grow it back out if you miss it :)

    .... And I think I just talked myself into cutting my hair :) hahahah!

  2. me too, chop chop chop... but always back out! you look gorgeous either way!

  3. First, I gotta just say how HOT you are . . . so beautiful, and a freakin' enviable body after two kids! I can't believe how skinny/toned you are. Anyway . . . I love your hair any length, but after looking at these pics . . . it is SO CUTE shorter! I think you should totally do it. It will be liberating!

  4. Okay, so I saw the short haired pics and thought "wow, you look stunning with short hair." Then you posted the current pics and you look so great with your long hair too! Hahaha...must be such a predicament looking beautiful in so many different styles Seriously though, you'll look great either way.

    I just chopped my hair recently {6-7 inches} and am happy as a clam. It's soooo much easier and healthier.


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