Monday, January 9, 2012

Bambinos 1st Birthday Party!

We had the Bambinos birthday party on Saturday! It was a looooong, stressful week for Mama but they thoroughly enjoyed it. I slept only 2 hours Friday night/Saturday morning. I conceded that I would have to give up on a few ideas for decorations. Staying up until 4am was enough!
My living room was a disaster Saturday morning, luckily my sister stayed over so she could help and I put B to work too.
The finished sweet table. The wreath, thumbprint picture, cake pops, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and soda labels were made by me with a lot of help from my sister.
One of my favorite parts of the party was the picture I made, the party had an UP theme, but we couldn't have helium balloons in the venue we rented. To help combat that little issue, and to have a keepsake from the party I made this picture.
I told asked guests to ink their thumbprint and put it on the picture. The idea was to have a big bunch of balloons pulling Lovebug up, but people took it upon themselves to draw balloon strings in Lovebug's other hand and in both of Peanut's hands. If I were to do this again, I would cover the part of the picture I don't want inked with Saran Wrap. I'll have to post a pic of the final product later this week.

Custom T-shirts since people still can't seem to tell them apart!

One of my aunts and uncles came all the way from Eastern Washington. Two of my cousins even came too! These two little guys are so lucky to have so many people that love them so much.
They still don't really get the concept of opening presents. Peanut just wanted to try and use them to pull up. He always wants to pull up these days.
My sister got them a Radio Flyer Wagon! They like it, but I think I was more excited to get it put together. Our double stroller is cool, but the wagon will be handy on walks, or at the zoo or fair and stuff. I was itching to get it put together yesterday morning.
Peanut wanted the helicopter sitting in the table behind him so bad. He lost all interest in trying to open presents.
Having never had cake before, they dug into the cake fairly quickly. They poked at it for a minute or two, but Lovebug finally dug in with one finger and then it was game over when he realized how good it tasted. I had to give Peanut a swipe of frosting from my own finger but then he caught on quickly.

That's Peanut's I see a bottle and want it face. He's in the middle of signing "milk."
Trying to clean them off with baby wipes. I didn't think cleanup through very well, I would have brought a towel and a change of clothes. We took off their custom shirts for cake but the ended up with cake all over their onesies and jeans so they went home in their red cardigan and diapers. Oops.
They are the best babies. They were about 2 hours overdue for their nap and although you could tell they were tired during cake, they didn't fuss at all. People always comment about how good they are; especially when they're tired. 
Overall, it was a fun party and I'm so glad we went all out, but we will not be doing that again next year. We'll be sticking with family and only very close friends. I'm still trying to catch up on sleep! I intended to start decoration in November but hadn't mad very many decisions yet. Next time, I will start decorations earlier than the week of. And, I need to keep reminding myself, they won't remember this party and they don't even care. But, because I care and love them so much, I wanted to go big for this, to celebrate their first year of life.

The celebration continues tomorrow on their real birthday!


  1. ahh!!! what a beautiful party... you did SUCH an amazing job. And I adore that balloon idea! how cute!!! precious pics, so glad they had a great time.

    happy early birthday to the bambinos and mama tomorrow! enjoy the beautiful day with your loved ones :)

  2. Love the invitations! So cute!

  3. So cute! Love the sweets table. And what an awesome idea for the thumbprint picture! Great job on the cake balls. I tried those last summer and it was a complete disaster!!!!

  4. SUPER cute theme!!! And of course...beautiful boys. Love it. breath momma. ha!

  5. You did do a great job, I totally think it's worth it to go all out the first year! :)

  6. Once again, I can't stop smiling at their adorable little faces. BABY RED CARDIGANS?! OMG! That's so freakin' CUTE. Glad the party was a success--it's obvious how much work you did. I love all those bright colors. Yay Lindsay!

  7. AAAWWW...Happy Birthday to Ethan and Eli!!!! I LOVE the theme and all of the decorations look perfect:) The cake pics are hysterical..looks like they totally enjoyed their party!

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  9. aw so cute! happy birthday little ones.

  10. how the heck are they a year old already?! looks like a great party. p is pissed she wasnt invited :)

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