Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Under The Sea

We went to the aquarium for the first time Saturday. The Bambinos loved it!
Lovebug didn't like Mama sticking his hand in the touch pool right before this and Peanut didn't like Daddy doing it to him after.
This is my favorite part of the aquarium, the jelly fish doughnut. Peanut reminds me of a little dolphin about to skip through the water. He wasn't quite sure if he should touch the glass or not.

Just like Peanut to be more concerned with the stroller straps than the octopus
They loved the real octopus! It made it's way around the tank and the two of them stared and stared. I think Lovebug only looked away for this one picture.
They kept trying to reach out for the fish in the Hawaii part of the exhibit. A random lady saw Lovebug doing it and made her mom come look at you them. They get smiles from strangers wherever we go :)
 This part of the aquarium freaks me the eff out. I don't love being surrounded by water, especially when it's above me and salmon are floating in a tank above my head. It's creepy.
They loved this. There's so much to see, and a bunch of the fish are really big. It was difficult getting them to look away so I could get a pic.
Of course, we went to the gift shop but didn't end up buying anything. Do you see Lovebug's face? This is his I'm-too-tired-I-must-take-a-nap face.He can barely keep his eyes open!
Oddly enough, after being surrounded by fish all day, B chose to eat at Ivar's on the waterfront and once they had a bottle the both got a second wind....but passed out on the way home.
Walking back to the car, we came across this totem pole. It's being erected in memory of John T. Williams who was a wood carver shot and killed by a Seattle police officer while walking across the street with his carving knife and a piece of cedar. It was really cool to see the totem pole actually being painted, and part of it wasn't carved yet - that would be fun to see.


  1. looks like so much fun! They are so cute:)

  2. haha their little hats were a must :)!

  3. Hahahah...love that dolphin pose. And the octopus, of course! So neat to see what grabs their attention....love those hats!!!! hehehehe


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