Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweet Baby N

Hello new friends! I see I've gotten quite a few followers lately. I hope you like what you read and stick around for a while :)

Saturday the Bambinos turned 11 months old and we attended my cousin's baby shower.Can you believe in less than a month I'll have two one year old's?! I know time seems to speed up as I've gotten older but now that I have kids it's even worse.
Lovebug played under the table for quite a while. He's chomping on a piece of bread and was happy as a clam under there.

This picture warms my heart. Everyone kept saying they weren't sure how Atlas would do with kids but he's pretty laid back. When I set Peanut down, Atlas came right over and chilled. It's like he knew Peanut wouldn't harm him. I love this picture because Teddy would never sit like that; the minute they touch him he takes off.
My gorgeous cousins. I have a lot of cousins and they're all gorgeous. I'm so glad we got to spend time with everyone because although they only live an hour away, we still never see them. How cute is the Mama-to-be?


  1. Atlas and the babe completely warms my heart! Family is the best. {sometimes, lol} Wishing a fab Christmas season sweetheart! Love you...

  2. sooo cute. glad to hear the pup got along with your darling little boy.


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