Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stop. Drop. Shut 'Em Down, Open Up Shop

I'm thrilled to announce that I opened an Etsy shop! I've been working really hard these last few weeks which is why I've been away from the blog so much.
Lilo Prints is a collection of handmade, original, giclee prints. All can be customized to fit your decor so please don't hesitate to ask me to make changes. I'm not even close to finished uploading the prints I have so please check back often and if you don't see a quote you'd like, contact me and I'll make a custom order for you. 

Here's one of my faves:

and another one:

To celebrate the opening of Lilo Prints, my good friend Claire is hosting a giveaway! Head over to her blog for your chance to win.

In the meantime:
I'd really enjoy it if you'd check out the shop and also "like" it on facebook! And don't forget to....
Check out Claire's blog, I'm giving away a $25 shop credit!

Thanks for joining me on another crazy adventure, I really hope it's a success!


  1. Dang it, now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day lol! ;)

    I'm your newest follower, sent from Claire! If I don't win her giveaway I will be ordering a custom print for sure! Cute shop!

  2. That first one would be perfect for our Elf lovin' fam!


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