Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Ramblings

Hi Friends! Here's a mish-mash of what's going on in my head:
 I really wish I could stay home and play with the Bambinos all day today. Mamas, you know those days? Today was one, as was yesterday......
 I'm exchanging my Kindle Touch for the Fire. I've heard it's pretty good competition for the iPad and it plays Android apps, since  I have an Android phone, I think I'll be happy. Thanks B, for putting up with my ways! (I go back and forth about exchanging things a lot.) Do you have a Fire or Touch? Do you love it?
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I've only worked out one day but I still look in the mirror to see if I notice a difference, am I the only one that does that? I hope I can stay motivated to actually keep it up.

I have a shit ton to do for the Bambinos' birthday party. So much, that I actually forgot my birthday is next week. I guess I should get a present for B since we share a birthday.

How much does that suck? Everyone in my house shares a birthday with someone else (except Teddy.) I'll never get a cake or party just the way I want it anymore.

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Someone told me yesterday she's half a set of twins and all she ever wanted was a cake with only her name on it. I completely understand so luckily each boy gets their own smash cake.

I'm going to be on the radio in a few weeks. I work in radio but I've never been on it, live, so I'm kind of nervous. Plus, I go on after an actress (I can't say yet, sorry) , hopefully people will still want to listen!

This morning I woke up and thought it was Friday. I hate when that happens.

And Happy Birthday to my Mama, can't wait to have you and Sister over tonight!


  1. eeek radio?! fun!!! you'll have to update us.

    um im totally the same way when it comes to working out... i always want to see results RIGHT AWAY!

    and that chick up there? i need THAT bod.

  2. Where did you find that picture of me in the Nikes? Lol. Obvs just kidding! WISH I had that body!!!!

    How awesome that you'll be on the radio!! So cool.

  3. Ummmm....I so want those nike shoes! Oh, and her body would be nice too. Just sayin! ha.


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