Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Tried The Upsexy

I saw this on Raven's blog yesterday and knew I had to try it. I did B and my sister at the same time but we'll start with B:

Me: Do you ever smell the upsexy at your house?
B: Huh?
Me: Do you ever smell the upsexy?
B: What? I don't know what upsexy is?
Me: So you don't smell it?
Me: Hello? Do you smell the upsexy?
B: I'm lost

Then I came home and this is what ensued:

I tried it on my sister too:
Me: Do you ever smell the upsexy at your house?
Sis: Upsexy?
Me: Yeah, do you ever smell it at your house?
Sis: What kind of drugs are you on?
Me: Haha, I just want to know if you smell the upsexy.
Sis: Oh my gosh, that's not even funny!
Sis: Har Har what's up sexy
Me: Did you laugh?
Sis: No, I thought you needed to be sent in for an evaluation.

BUT, I know my sister, and I know she would have laughed if I were asking in person so I called her and she told me that not only did she ask her roomate if she knew what upsexy was, she googled it too!

B and I took the Bambinos to meet three Seahawks today (one of which, Marshawn Lynch, has been doing amazing!) and look what happened after we got home and put the Bambinos to bed!
Look who's into the upsexy now!

I don't know why my voice gets higher in videos....


  1. SO FUNNY!!! Hahahaha, I have to think of the perfect person to try it on. My favorite part of these videos was the Bambinos' blank stares when asked about the upsexy. HA!

  2. HA HA HA omg. he was so confused.


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