Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Army of Four

I know they're hung tackily, we literally have no where else....maybe someday.
You know how something doesn't hit you until you get a visual? That happened to me the other day. I know there's four of us, but seeing out stockings hung seemed to solidify: 

we are a family of five.

I always wanted a family. 

I have family. But with my parents being divorced and throwing my step mom's family into the mix, it was just different. I wanted my own family.

And now I have everything I ever wanted.


  1. And you are all so very blessed! I adore your lil familia!!!!

  2. that is so cute. i'm so happy for you and am glad to hear this.

    xoxo merry christmas

  3. So sweet! :) Hope your family has a merry christmas!

  4. Looks adorable! I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas!! xoxoxo

  5. Who cares how they are hung, they symbolize something incredibly beautiful! Congratulations, you have your family =)


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