Friday, December 30, 2011

Flashback Friday: An Oracle

I may have shared this pic already and if we're friends on facebook you've definitely seen it.

I was 5 years old, we were visiting my Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving, and my little cousin, Jess, and I put balloons up our pajamas. We loved wearing my grandma's shirts as jammies and we loved bumping into each other with our big "tummies." As the day went on, we ended up putting my new, colored, hair elastics around our ears and kept telling each other how pretty our new earrings were.  At five years old, I had no way of knowing that 22 years & 2 months later later I really would have a tummy that big.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Ramblings

Hi Friends! Here's a mish-mash of what's going on in my head:
 I really wish I could stay home and play with the Bambinos all day today. Mamas, you know those days? Today was one, as was yesterday......
 I'm exchanging my Kindle Touch for the Fire. I've heard it's pretty good competition for the iPad and it plays Android apps, since  I have an Android phone, I think I'll be happy. Thanks B, for putting up with my ways! (I go back and forth about exchanging things a lot.) Do you have a Fire or Touch? Do you love it?
via on pinterest
I've only worked out one day but I still look in the mirror to see if I notice a difference, am I the only one that does that? I hope I can stay motivated to actually keep it up.

I have a shit ton to do for the Bambinos' birthday party. So much, that I actually forgot my birthday is next week. I guess I should get a present for B since we share a birthday.

How much does that suck? Everyone in my house shares a birthday with someone else (except Teddy.) I'll never get a cake or party just the way I want it anymore.

via simply sweets blog on pinterest
Someone told me yesterday she's half a set of twins and all she ever wanted was a cake with only her name on it. I completely understand so luckily each boy gets their own smash cake.

I'm going to be on the radio in a few weeks. I work in radio but I've never been on it, live, so I'm kind of nervous. Plus, I go on after an actress (I can't say yet, sorry) , hopefully people will still want to listen!

This morning I woke up and thought it was Friday. I hate when that happens.

And Happy Birthday to my Mama, can't wait to have you and Sister over tonight!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The most coveted item of our Christmas Festivities was a present B picked up: Handerpants!
 Friday night the four of us went to a White Elephant party at our friends Janny & Dan's house. They ended up making a full sit-down dinner that was to.die.for, and even though it was past the Bambinos bed time, we stayed for the White Elephant.We were shocked to find out the most coveted present was the handerpants.

We had been doing a little shopping after we went to the aquarium and B found the handerpants. It's a very silly, goofy present, just like B so it only made sense he'd pick them up, we had no idea they'd be so popular. Here's what kills me though,
Late night blogging?!?! I never knew I was missing out on such an integral part of the blogging experience.

Too funny.

I realize I haven't posted about the rest of Christmas Day or even Christmas Eve but I'm not sure I'm going to. I'm blogging about it on the other blog and I don't really want to recycle posts.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bambinos' First Christmas

Mama stayed up until 1am waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. But, look what he brought us! His elves made decorations 'specially for the Bambinos because it's their first Christmas.

I pictured it like the scene from "Elf" where the Bambino's wake up in awe, but this is all the elves could muster this year.

Santa filled stockings and dropped off  presents. The next morning, I woke up bright and early. I've always loved Christmas but now that we have babies I couldn't wait for them to open presents. It's the 2nd day in a row I woke up early from anticipation!
Lovebug and Mama waiting for Peanut to wake up.
B was so cute. Lovebug woke up before Peanut so we let him sleep. Around 8:15-8:30, Daddy asked, "Can't we wake him up?" I think he was just as excited as I was.
Lovebug's been tempted for weeks!
Finally, I let B wake up Peanut and we let them eat a bit before we started on Santa's presents.

Finally we started presents! The 1st one was a gift from Daddy. Of course, Lovebug was more interested in what Peanut had. He's always more interested in what Peanut has. 
 New coats! Daddy did a pretty good job picking them out. We've been dressing them in a ton of layers and then also their blankets, but it'll be nice to have some coats to put on them....and they're 12-18 month size so they can grow into them.
B's new Coug hat
They got these from Chat With Women, one of B's show hosts. They help teach colors and shapes in both English and Spanish. So far, they love them.
New bath toys
Blocks with family member's pictures on them! They're so funny because once we started a rip in the paper, they'd tear a bit but once they got a whole piece off or could see the present underneath, they weren't interested in continuing to open the present at all. 
 Peanut's new thing. He's not interested in being on his knees, he wants to skip that and go straight to his feet or stand. I think he may end up skipping crawling.
Peanut pulling over to Daddy to check out their new car. It goes when you shake a rattle...... and scares Lovebug.
The car got too close.
After we finished presents, we moved on to stockings. Each of them got a ball and puffs!Daddy got gloves and a coffee gift card (which he accidentally recycled and I had to pull out of the bin yesterday.)
Lovebug finally calmed down after we gave them some puffs and had them finish their bottles. We watched them play with their new toys for a bit, and I seriously teared up. I don't think B noticed but it was so fun and so special getting to watch them enjoy the morning and your new presents. It's crazy to think that on that morning one year ago, how different my life was. I was anxiously waiting their arrival and my relationship with B wasn't as good as it is now. Now, we have these two incredibly special little people that have brought so much joy and love into our lives. I'm so very blessed.
After my sappy moment was over, I decided we couldn't let Christmas go by without the typical Holiday shots we do for the other ones (except Thanksgiving - oops!)
Peanut was not happy we took off his jammies.
And just because I love their little rolls.....
I love this one. They two interact a bit but I don't think I've ever caught them making eye contact. I wish I knew what they were thinking.
Slightly happier
After the pictures were done, it was time to get ready for Aunt Amy's. We still had two more houses (full of presents!) to go before the end of the day.
Two roly-poly's in  new coats.

And what did I get? A Kindle Touch (B debated long and hard about the Touch vs Fire and finally concluded  that the Touch would be better because it had better battery life & even if I get a Fire, I'd still want an now I get to save for an iPad.) It's cute all the trouble he went to. I also got a jacket I wanted, a Staples gift card (which I also asked for) and some jeggings. I feel like I'm leaving some stuff out, but the amount of new stuff at our house is pretty overwhelming.

How was your Christmas? What's your favorite present?

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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Scary Visitor

Someone came onto our deck yesterday morning. My routine every single morning is to let Teddy out after I change the Bambinos' diapers. After he comes back in and walks around a bit he realizes he needs to go out again, to do his real bid-ness.

I was letting him in for the 3rd time right before I was leaving for work and noticed footprints on the back deck.
The entry point is the higher part of the deck. It's not easy just to step up, and furthermore, why were they in bare feet?!  Do the strides seem really weird and awkward to anyone else? Almost one in front of the other and at weird right angles when they turn?

They came right up to the back door then retreated down the stairs. I wonder why they didn't go back the way they came....and why didn't they use the front door?
The footprints were not there the first two times I let Teddy out, so the person "visited" sometime between 8:30am and 9:45am!.....Why didn't Teddy bark?

Next time, can they use the front door, please?

However, the night ended with a bang (literally) when my dad backed into my sister's car. It barely made a noise, but Teddy barked then. And my dad & step-mom brought me a KitchenAid.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas List

I don't want much for Christmas....

Like everyone else seems to want, I'd like an iPad. I don't even own any Apple products, but an iPad seems like good starter.

I take an insane amount of photos now that I have the Bambinos. My cheap-o laptop is almost full so I'd like an external hard drive. I even have Adobe Lightroom that I never installed on my computer because I think it'd be smarter to download it onto the hard drive.
No, I'm not trying to get a new car, well I am but.... what I need is my brakes fixed. It's just not something I want to spend my money on. I should have asked for brakes from my parents. Sadly, I didn't.....and I know they've already purchased my birthday present too.

I'd also like my dental bill paid. It's not even that much, but I'd rather spend my money on Christmas and the Bambinos' first birthday party. I do need some more work done, but I want to do it in parts and pay each bill off first so I don't end up owing $60832082308 in the end. Why is dental work so expensive?!?

 Photoshop. Oh how I love photoshop. I have Elements 6 at home, but my character window is gone, and nothing I do gets it back....and it doesn't have the pen tool either; I need the pen tool for some 1st birthday decorations.  I'd love an updated version of either Elements or a full version on Photoshop. It could even be an old one :)

I'd love a pedicure. Have I mentioned before how much I hate feet? I do. I couldn't even bring myself to put a google image of feet up. I always try and keep mine pretty, but I've only had one pedicure since having the Bambinos and I'd love one now. 

It seems like every time I plan to get one something comes up so my plan gets pushed to the backburner. It's okay, most of the time our plans involve doing something just the four of instead so it's worth it, but it doesn't make me want a pedicure any less.

Most of what I want is pretty practical (except the iPad.) It's funny how being a mom (or maybe just getting older) makes my wishlist so much different. Gone are the days of wanting nothing but clothes and shoes and know, the fun stuff :)

What's on your wishlist?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Army of Four

I know they're hung tackily, we literally have no where else....maybe someday.
You know how something doesn't hit you until you get a visual? That happened to me the other day. I know there's four of us, but seeing out stockings hung seemed to solidify: 

we are a family of five.

I always wanted a family. 

I have family. But with my parents being divorced and throwing my step mom's family into the mix, it was just different. I wanted my own family.

And now I have everything I ever wanted.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Under The Sea

We went to the aquarium for the first time Saturday. The Bambinos loved it!
Lovebug didn't like Mama sticking his hand in the touch pool right before this and Peanut didn't like Daddy doing it to him after.
This is my favorite part of the aquarium, the jelly fish doughnut. Peanut reminds me of a little dolphin about to skip through the water. He wasn't quite sure if he should touch the glass or not.

Just like Peanut to be more concerned with the stroller straps than the octopus
They loved the real octopus! It made it's way around the tank and the two of them stared and stared. I think Lovebug only looked away for this one picture.
They kept trying to reach out for the fish in the Hawaii part of the exhibit. A random lady saw Lovebug doing it and made her mom come look at you them. They get smiles from strangers wherever we go :)
 This part of the aquarium freaks me the eff out. I don't love being surrounded by water, especially when it's above me and salmon are floating in a tank above my head. It's creepy.
They loved this. There's so much to see, and a bunch of the fish are really big. It was difficult getting them to look away so I could get a pic.
Of course, we went to the gift shop but didn't end up buying anything. Do you see Lovebug's face? This is his I'm-too-tired-I-must-take-a-nap face.He can barely keep his eyes open!
Oddly enough, after being surrounded by fish all day, B chose to eat at Ivar's on the waterfront and once they had a bottle the both got a second wind....but passed out on the way home.
Walking back to the car, we came across this totem pole. It's being erected in memory of John T. Williams who was a wood carver shot and killed by a Seattle police officer while walking across the street with his carving knife and a piece of cedar. It was really cool to see the totem pole actually being painted, and part of it wasn't carved yet - that would be fun to see.


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