Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Three Thanksgivings

It's true. This year we had three different Thanksgivings. After being at everyone's house for only 10 minutes on Halloween, we decided to split our celebration into different days so we'd actually have time to enjoy our family. And, let's face it, the Bambinos are less grumpy if they're not being carted from house to house. Thanksgiving Day we spent at my dad and step-mom's, with her family.

First they napped
"I'm happy to see you!'
Lovebug has figured out how to pull the bumpers down when I'm reading a story. It's so cute I can't help but smile, but I'm afraid it just encourages him.
They tried turkey for the first time. Lovebug loved it (of course) and Peanut wasn't so sure...
First taste of turkey
They really like bread and rolls, (they are their mother's children,) but I really try to stress giving them a lot of veggies and more meat. 

Friday morning, we tried on the 'coon skin caps a co-worker bought when they were born.
Since my sister picked out lumberjack shirts for them, we thought it was fitting.

Peanut's been making some of the funniest faces. As soon as I get the family ones on Thanksgiving from my Dad, I'll have to post it. One just cracked me up and  showed everyone in the room.

 I ended up making dinner because my mom got a scratched cornea. She could barely open her right eye. It's a good thing the ham she bought was already cooked so I only had to warm it up and put on the glaze. Luckily we decided to go a little untraditional this year since we were celebrating for three days. Otherwise, I would have had to cook a turkey! .....Or we would have been eating out :)

After dinner was presents! My Aunt brought Christmas presents from her and my Grandma last time she came to visit my mom. I convinced my mom to let them open them early, but they weren't sure what to do.

Two new toys and all you want is the basket one comes in.

Sunday we had lunch at B's mom's. Since his whole family is vegetarian, his sister made a version of manicotti. It had spinach and tofu but it was pretty good. It's one of the vegetarian dishes they make that I actually like. We gave the boys some of the filling and they loved it. 
 The Bambinos brushed up on their piano skills
And read books with Grandmommy. It was a pretty low-key day but a great way to end four days off.

I'm so glad we split our Thanskgiving into three days. In the past, we've done my parents on the same day and it's a lot of running around. Now you add babies into the mix. Plus, like my mom said, "Kids don't know it's not the actual day of the holiday anymore."


  1. That is the master plan right there!!! Love that. Babes get so irritated by the hussle and bussle, so you guys are smart! And I really wish I could tell the boys apart. Like, really! I stare at them trying to find differences, but I can't!!! All I can see is complete adorableness.

  2. hahaha oh his faces crack me up!Too Adorable!! Looks like you had an amazing Thanksgiving!!

  3. THey are getting so big! I love the funny faces. I am hoping I can get my families to agree to split Thanksgiving one day too. It is really hard with divorced parents and in laws. I go 3 places every holiday.

  4. The picture of them in their flannels and coonskin hats is killing me. I might stare at it all day. It's so unbelievably cute and their little button noses? OMG.

    I'm vegetarian (have been for 16 years!) and make a delish Thanksgiving meal! Mac & cheese, dressing, vegetarian gravy, squash casserole, sweet potato casserole, greens, mashed potatoes, etc. YUM! All the good stuff minus the turkey, ha. :)

  5. I am cracking up at the picture of them in the hats. Too funny!!

  6. I'm so glad you had a good time!
    I love their hats!

  7. A whole Thanksgiving weekend... AWESOME!!!!

    Is B a vegetarian too?


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