Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sesame Noodles

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I'm lucky in that B makes dinner for us almost every night. But lately, I've been trying to branch out and learn how to cook some stuff too. I've been craving sesame noodles so I looked up a recipe and I found this easy one from The Pioneer Woman. I tried 'em out Sunday night and....
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I feel blasphemous saying I don't like something from the Pioneer Woman but the noodles could have used a little more flavor. And I'm used to eating them cold so I think eating them warm threw me off a bit too. They were quick and super easy, I just expected more flavor.

A friend came over last night so I tried making the noodles again. I was determined to make sesame noodles I actually like. I used this recipe, it's just as easy, the only difference is you use the stove to make the sauce on this one.

Success! I'll admit, I used way too much chili oil. I was so used to using tablespoons for the rest of the recipe that I used 2 tablespoons of chili oil instead of 2 teaspoons. But you know what? They were perfect. And tasty. And I'm not a spicy person at all.

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  1. Yummy!!!! I have been loving and craving and eating some major sesame noodles lately!!!!! This makes me want MORE!!! At your house. LOL.

  2. You know what I think makes them (and everything) better? Tons of garlic. More specifically, garlic butter. ;) Way to make it unhealthy, ha!

  3. Those noodles look so delicious!

    Andy cooks a lot of the time for us, because I'm a lazy cooker, but occasionally I like to learn how to make new things. Especially considering we got a crock pot and cooking in a crock pot is SO EASY OMG. Lazy cooking FTW! :)

  4. Looks yummy=))
    Im a new follower, check out my E.L.F giveaway ending tommorow, Xo.


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