Monday, November 7, 2011

Le Fauxed

I had the best time Saturday night! I went out for the first time without The Bambinos or B. I've run errands since they were born but not gone out and done anything fun. This girl's night was much needed and so fun.
This was the perfect place for a girl's night: Le Faux at Julia's on Broadway. Not only is it a celebrity impersonation show, they're all men. It's a drag show! If you're ever in the Seattle area, I recommend you go, it's a fun time.

If you've been reading for awhile, I've seen the show before, B and I accidentally ended up there, it was a night to remember!*
The "actress" who did Liza Minelli and Lady Gaga is the same one who did Lady Gaga for us at the concert.
And the one who did Britney for us was the same one who was Britney in this show.

The host, Mama Tits. It was her last night hosting the show.
I was not impressed with their Michael Jackson. He looked like he was half-assing it and did a few moves that were not MJ-ish at all. But, I LOVE MJ, people who don't love him as much probably wouldn't know the difference.They did a really good job on his makeup though making him have the chisled cheekbones and cleft chin.

This pink is the same guy who did Britney above, what a difference makeup makes, huh?

 Same as Liza Minelli. We were also treated to a performance by Cher, Ke$ha, Tamara the Trapeeze Lady and the new host, Jinx Monsoon.

My girlfriend and I were positive Jinx was a lady because she had an awesome singing voice, she didn't have an adam's apple, and she was very loose with her movements, much more so than men trying to play girl's are. We thought she was a lady trying to look like a man trying to look like a lady (got that?) but my friend asked one of the female backup dancers in the bathroom who said Jinx is a man.

Later, she was doing her own version of Fergalicious and rapped, "'Cause a lady I am not." and everyone's jaw dropped. It was pretty priceless.

If you're ever in the Seattle area, make sure you hit up this show....or better yet, come visit me and we can go together.

Don't forget about the My Memories Suite giveaway, it ends Friday!

*Apparently I never blogged about seeing Le Faux before but when B and I went we thought we were going to a burlesque show but the ticketing agent got the dates wrong. We were in the 2nd row, and B was near the aisle. A "woman" in a low-cut (buttless) dress sat on his lap and made him grab her boobs. When I asked what they felt like, he said, "Nerf footballs." 


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  2. This looks like a blast! HOW FUN!! I dream of a GNO...

  3. That is HILARIOUS! (PS: Lookin hot mama!)

  4. Nerf Footballs!?!? Bwahahahaha....that ish is fun-nay!!!!! Love so have to take me to this WHEN I visit. Not IF, but WHEN!!!! ;-) Looking HAWT momma....

  5. We went to the Friday show and it was packed! I don't know if it was because it was her last weekend hosting or what but it was crazy! Jinx did have a good voice but I don't know how she'll measure up as the new host...guess I'll have to go again to check it out, with the girls this time though. ☺

  6. SO FUNNY! Looks like this was a blast, and you look HOT, girl! I'm glad you got some time away with the girls--that's what keeps you sane, I think.

  7. That sounds so fun! And to echo everyone else, you look awesome... I'd never guess you had kids, much less twins. :-)

  8. yay for a girls night!! I know you totally deserved a night out!

    And you're in great shape!

  9. hahaha omg thanks for sharing, love the story of the first time you went!!

  10. So much fun!! (And you look amazing!!)

  11. You look great, girl!!! And an impersonation show with all drag queens...priceless!! Glad yall had fun!!


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